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Copenhagen Games 2019 venue revealed

2 months ago
We're moving into the heart of Copenhagen again to a truly stylish and raw inner-city space. Also updates on featured tournaments for 2019!

Copenhagen Games 2019

5 months ago
Dates and other information about 2019 event

Tournament Results

8 months ago
Copenhagen Games is more than just CS:GO. All around the venue we have competitions and tournaments, all of those have winners too. Here's a roundup of all of them!

Copenhagen Games - DAY 4 - A Noob goes to Cosplay

8 months ago
I have seen my first cosplay. And I love it!

North vs Valiance - Quarter-finals

8 months ago
The game between North and Valiance & co have now been played and North came out victories.

Winner, Winner, chicken dinner!

8 months ago
The biggest Playerunknown's Battleground's tournament to date is being played on Danish soil at Copenhagen Games 2018. But who gets to eat the chicken?!

A Farewell to Games

8 months ago
The curtains eventually close. We outgrew and outperformed previous years, we asked everything of our crew and they delivered.

CS:GO Main Tournament - GGWP IMPERIAL!!!

8 months ago
What a night it was at Copenhagen Games and what a last match it was too. The grand final in the CS:GO Main tournament ended with a BANG!


8 months ago
Our twice defending champions had changed their name, could they still defend their title? Undefeated Singularity FE stood in their way and they weren't moving...

Team Fortress 2 Highlander Grand Final

8 months ago
Team Fortress II isn't dead, not by a long shot. In fact, as long as a community this passionate supports it, it might outlive all of us yet.

Atea sponsors ATEA EDU CUP Live

8 months ago
Atea is sponsoring the EDU CUP Live and will be present  at the event to work on the development of esports in Denmark!

ATEA EDU CUP Live-Tournament

8 months ago
EDU CUP Live-tournament is a school tournament for both CS:GO and League of Legends players. It's a chance for young players to gain crucial tournament experience as they consider a future in esports.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…

8 months ago
The first day of the Samsung Ladies' tournament is behind us. It was a day filled with strong favourites and quick games.

Copenhagen Games – DAY 3 – Recommendations from a Noob

8 months ago
Are you like me? Do you suck at every single computergame out there? If so, have no fear! I proudly present my non-gamer's guide to Copenhagen Games 2018!

Check out at Copenhagen Games!

8 months ago is present at Copenhagen Games 2018 and they are hosting different free-to-play tournaments and offering great gaming experiences.


8 months ago
Today we spoke to Heroic player MODDII, at their meet and greet, about what expectations they have for Copenhagen Games 2018.

Copenhagen Games - DAY 2 - Diary of a Noob

8 months ago
This captain has completed her maiden voyage through her first day at an esports event, Copenhagen Games 2018.  These are the impressions left by the first opening day on this particular noob.

And the winner of FirmaCS is…

8 months ago
The first final is in the past, we have the winner of the FirmaCS CS:GO tournament and the first finalist winner of Copenhagen Games 2018! at Copenhagen Games 2018

8 months ago is the world's leading maritime education but it's also a standard for innovation and the inclusion of games and edutainment in a professional learning environment.

Copenhagen Games - DAY 1 - Behind the scenes

8 months ago
One reporter's, a debuting one at that, take on the her first day at Copenhagen Games. Building an event like this is no easy task but this great crew of firebrands find a way to make it fun.

Casting lineup confirmed!

8 months ago
See our lineup of talent, flavour and analysts right here! We had a talk with legendary Simen ‘warclown’ Henriksen about the crew and about casting Copenhagen Games.

Twitch Streamers and Youtubers at Copenhagen Games 2018

8 months ago
Youtubers and Twitch-streamers are setting up shot at this year's Copenhagen Games. Apart from our live match streaming, there'll be plenty of entertainment to check out!

Third Invite Confirmed: Heroic

8 months ago
Three weeks to go, are you excited yet? Here's our third, and second to last invite - it's another Danish giant!

Final Invite Confirmed: Team Kinguin

8 months ago
The last invite is a new and exciting team from Poland with a former champion among them!

Second Invite Confirmed: Quantum Bellator Fire

8 months ago
Quantum Bellator Fire come fresh off their stunning Boston performance to compete for the Copenhagen Games crown!

SAMSUNG Ladies' Caster Interview

8 months ago
Caster talent expanded to include Ladie's CS:GO expert. We had a talk with Joshua "BurntSanctuary" Keller about the tournament and lineup.

OMEN by HP to Copenhagen Games!

8 months ago
HP is coming to Bella Center this Easter and they are bringing their new line of prime gaming equipment: OMEN by HP!

What Waoo Brings to the Party

8 months ago
Waoo is giving our guests something special this year:, Far Cry 5, Rainbox Six Siege and much more are coming to Copenhagen Games!

Help us fight cancer at Copenhagen Games 2018

8 months ago
Check out Danish Cancer Society and FJallefar's charity stream live at Copenhagen Games this year! Show your support for the fight against cancer, there is no more important battle than this.

PUBG Coming To Copenhagen Games [UPDATE 15/03/2018]

8 months ago
The biggest gaming hype of our times is coming to Copenhagen! Two tournaments, 300 seats in total - it's time to sign up fast. [Update: Tournament page now live!]

Scouting Grounds brings top-class LoL players

9 months ago
This year at Copenhagen Games, Copenhagen Flames  and Red Bull Esport will be presenting Scouting Grounds in League of Legends

The Guest Experience

9 months ago
There are plenty of reasons to visit Copenhagen Games, even if you aren't playing in any of our tournaments. We had a talk with a guest about the visitor's experience.

Free game for the first 3,000 guests at Copenhagen Games!

9 months ago
The first 3,000 guests and participants to arrive at Copenhagen Games this year get BetaDwarf's new strategy game Minion Masters for free!

PC Rental Information Available

9 months ago
Looking to rent a PC or a screen for Copenhagen Games? Here's all the practical information you need.

EduCup and Bosei: learning through eSport

11 months ago
Our thirds EduCup spotlight in on Bosei where they teach life through eSport and strengthen both technical and human skills.

Copenhagen Games 2018

1 year ago
Dates and some basic information for the 2018 event

Copenhagen Games is moving to Bella Center

2 years ago
We have big news for everyone: we're moving to a new location and we're going to be bigger and better than ever!

EDU Cup Live at Copenhagen Games

2 years ago
Is your school the best at eSports, do you want to test your meddle against other schools? Copenhagen Games 2018 gives you the chance!

Floor Plan Is Made Public

2 years ago
Curious to see how the event will unfold in March? Wondering about all this new space we have? Check out the current version of our floor plan for Copenhagen Games 2018!

Ticket Sale Open Now

2 years ago
Now is the time to secure your spot at the biggest and best Copenhagen Games in history! See how to buy one here and don't hesitate - while we have more space than earlier, there's still a limited number of tickets available.

Become A Partner

2 years ago
Copenhagen Games offers a multitude of opportunities for investors, sponsors and potential partners. See how we can help your brand be seen in the world of eSport!

Give the Gift of eSport!

2 years ago
Wondering what to get your kid or your sibling for Christmas? Why not try top tier eSport?!

Copenhagen Games Promotes Responsible Betting

2 years ago
Concerned about betting and eSport? So are we! That's why we promote responsible gambling at Copenhagen games 2018

EDU Cup and Game College: A Perfect Mix

2 years ago
Focus is on EduCup and we're showing you some of the amazing actors that help make it all happen. First up: Greenaa Game College!

EduCup and Rydhave: In it to win it

2 years ago
Our second EduCup spotlight is on Rydhave Slots Efterskole where they only train the best of the best. Winning is the name of the game for the upcoming world stars of eSport.

Join us in the fight against cancer!

2 years ago
We're proud and delighted to announce our new partner: The Danish Cancer Society! See how you can help in the fight against cancer here.

FIFA returns to Copenhagen Games 2018

2 years ago
It's been a staple at Copenhagen Games and this year is not different! FIFA is back!

Prize pool revealed for CS:GO

2 years ago
Together with our CS:GO main Sponsor, Waoo, we're ready to announce the minimum prize pool for this year's main tournament!

NPF sponsors first prize in EDU CUP LIVE

2 years ago
NetParty Fyn has sponsored the first prizes for our EDU CUP LIVE-tournaments in Counter Strike:Global Offensive and League of Legends.

Razer at Copenhagen Games 2018

2 years ago
“We are bringing the Razer bus to this event..." PR Specialist at Razer, Thomas Nielsen. There are reasons to be excited and to check out the Razer expo area at this year's Copenhagen Games!

First invite confirmed: Team North

2 years ago
Team North to play in the Waoo CS:GO main tournament at Copenhagen Game 2018!

The Samsung Ladies Tournament Is Back

2 years ago
The famed Samsung Copenhagen Games CS:GO Ladies tournament is back! Prize pool and distribution revealed.

New CS:GO-structure – with prize pool for B-tournament

2 years ago
Exciting changes to our Waoo CS:GO Main tournament: B-tournament cash prize pool, improved structure and the chance to face elite teams!