PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tournament 2018


Tournament Information



Due to a low amount of registered teams for the L33T PUBG Tournament, we’ve been forced to make some changes to the tournament schedule. This means that there will be no qualifiers for the squad tournament, as all teams are going directly to the final. Furthermore, this also means that there’s now space for a full-on duos-tournament.

The duo-tournament will be free for anyone at the Copenhagen Games to join. So whether you’ve purchased a PUBG-tournament ticket, or a ticket to any other game, or even just a regular ”LAN-ticket”, you can join the DUO tournament! All you must do to signup is to go to the PUBG-admin’s desk at Copenhagen Games and they will provide the information needed. Signups for the duo-tournament will be possible until 11:00 THURSDAY.


Thursday – 29th of March 2018

-    11:00    Signup for Duo-tournament ends.

-    12:00    Duo Qualifiers start (4 games of qualifiers, number of lobbies according to signed up teams)

-    17:00    Duo Finals start (5 rounds – 32 teams)

Friday – 30th of March 2018

-    11:00    PUBG Squad Finals Day 1 begins (6 games played)

-    20:00    ALL CAN JOIN! Custom games with different settings (flareguns, fogmap, max loot or similar) 

Saturday – 31st of March 2018

-    13:00 PUBG Squad Finals Day 2 begins (6 games played)

-    20:00    ALL CAN JOIN! Custom games with different settings (flareguns, fogmap, max loot, or similar)

We’re terribly sorry for the inconveniences these changes can have caused for some of you, but we want to make the PUBG tournament as good as possible and firmly believe that with this structure we’ve found the most optimal solution.

Prize Pool


50,000 DKK

  • 1st - 27,000 DKK
  • 2nd - 15,000 DKK
  • 3rd - 5,000 DKK

The team with the most kills in the finals will win 3,000 DKK


Thursday tournament

1st place: 2 x E-SPORT L33T Gaming Chairs

2nd place: 2 x Blackwidow Chroma v2 (yellow switches)

3rd place: 2 x Goliathus Extended Mousemats

Friday – Saturday fun games

4 x Blackwidow Chroma v2 (yellow switches)

4 x Goliathus Extended Mousemats

The Details

In addition to the duos event, the tournament team will run “fun” custom setting games throughout the event.

Please note that a more detailed schedule will be announced closer to the event date and that tournament admins reserve the right to modify the structure in order to ensure player and competitive experience.


1.0 General

1.1 All participants must behave respectfully and professionally towards tournament administrators, casters and other competitors and do not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct.

1.2 Be punctual. This applies to the check-in and also to every match.

1.3 In case there are any problems with the tournament (rule infractions, match record errors, etc.), message a tournament admin privately on Discord.

1.4 All players are required to have the replay function enabled in-game when you are competing in any Copenhagen Games PUBG tournament. All the replays need to be saved for at least 10 days in which an Copenhagen Games or Xpulz tournament admin may request a copy.

How to find your replays:

Press the “Windows Key + R” and type “%localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Demos”.

Make sure you don’t include the ” “

2.0 Lobby

2.1 Any lobby can hold up to 80 players, depending on the number of participants.                 

2.2 If the game fails to start due to client issues, the match will be remade. Tournament admins can at any time demand the game to be restarted.

2.3 In case of players disconnection, team will have to continue to play without said player.

2.4 The tournament admins will only restart the game if 40% of the players are not able to connect (or if similar issues happen that affect the turnout). Please note that we will not hold up lobbies for players who are late or delayed or on the way or just about to finish downloading an update. It’s not fair on the other teams who made the effort to be prepared.

3.0 Points


3.1 Rank Points

#1. 200p

#2. 160p

#3. 130p

#4. 110p

#5. 100p

#6. 90p

#7. 80p

#8. 70p

#9. 60p

#10. 50p

#11. 40p

#12. 30p

#13. 20p

#14. 10p

#15-20. 0p

3.2 Each kill will give 8 points


3.3 Rank Points

#1. 200p

#2. 150p

#3. 125p

#4. 110p

#5. 100p

#6. 85p

#7. 80p

#8. 75p

#9. 70p

#10. 65p

#11. 50p

#12. 45p

#13. 40p

#14. 35p

#15. 30p

#16. 25

#17. 20p

#18. 15p

#19. 10

#20.-24. 5p

#25.-40. 0p

3.4 Each kill will give 5 points

3.5 In the event of a point count tie, the winning team will be decided by total kill. If the game is still tied, a tournament admin will decide a fair tie-breaker.

4.0 Game settings

4.1. Map Specific Settings

4.1.1 Erangel

1.5x AR

1.0x Attachments

1.0x Ammo

1.0x Scopes

1.0x Meds

No Red Zones

No Cosmetics

Sunny or Sunset

4.1.2 Miramar

2.0x AR

1.5x Attachments

1.5x Ammo

1.5x Scopes

1.5x Meds

No Red Zones

No Cosmetics

Sunny or Sunset

5.0 Map Circle Settings


6.0 Mapcycle

Duos: Erangel only

Final: 10 x Erangel + 2 x Miramar

Tournament administration reserve the right to change Miramar to Erangel if technical difficulties occur.


7.0 Streaming

7.1 It is allowed to stream any match from your own point of view.

7.2 Every stream must have a minimum of 8 minutes delay.

7.3 It is required to put the official name of the tournament in your stream title

7.4 Observer slots are reserved for the official stream.

8.0 Disclaimer

8.1 Please note that whilst Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has released official it is still being rapidly developed. Because of this the unexpected is still possible. Tournament admins will make decisions based on these situations to keep the tournament as enjoyable as possible.

8.2 The tournament admins reserve the right to change the terms and conditions and it is up to the players to check this website for any changes

8.3 Any kind of cheating, hacking, unsportsmanlike conduct and harming the competition, the event or any participant in any way, can result in a penalty.

8.4 All kinds of bug abuse will be punished. Bug abuse can result in disqualification or penalties or a ban..