League of Legends Tournament 2018


Tournament Information

Toornament link:


Map: Summoners Rift, Summer (5 vs 5 map)
Game Type: Tournament Draft Mode
Server Location: EU West

Tournament Structure
Groups bo1
Quarters bo3
Semis bo5
3/4 bo3
Finals bo5

Default win time
Delay of games will not be tolerated. The match have to starter no later than 15 mins after.

The team that is "on top" in the bracket will host the game.
Please keep game names simple (Example: “SLAP vs CPL").

Picks and Bans
The team that is "on top" in the brackets will have 1st pick.

Match Media / Reporting Results
Both teams are required to take screenshots of the picks and bans as well as the final score screen. This is used in case of a dispute, so for your own sake we suggest always taking screenshots.
When a match ends, the winning team goes to the admin table and tells one of the League of Legends admin the results.
Faking or manipulating match media/match results is forbidden.

Prize Pool 

20,000 DKK

  • 1st - 12,000 DKK + 5 tickets for EU LCS Spring Finals in Royal Arena
  • 2nd - 6,000 DKK + 5 tickets for EU LCS Spring Finals in Royal Arena
  • 3rd - 2,000 DKK + 5 tickets for EU LCS Spring Finals in Royal Arena





  • 10:00 - Group stage (Bo1)
  • 20.00 - Quarters (Bo3)


  • 13:00 Semi final #1(Bo5)
  • 19.00 Semi final #2(Bo5)


  • 10:00 - 3/4th place (Bo3)
  • 13:00 Final (Bo5)


Winning a match
A team is declared the winner when the enemy team's nexus is destroyed or when the enemy team surrenders.


  • If a player would disconnect during champion select, the pick/ban phase will NOT be restarted unless BOTH teams agree to it. Once in-game, a team may call for a restart in order to configure runes and masteries.
  • If a player would disconnect in-game, he has to return as fast as he can. A team is allowed to pause for 5 minutes without consulting the admins.
  • If multiple players from both teams suffer from continuous disconnections due to server instability, consult the admins at the admin table.
  • If the game crashes due to server instability, consult the admins at the admin table.

Restarting the game
During the Qualification rounds, restarting the game is ONLY allowed before the 01:30 minute mark if, and only if, first blood hasn't occurred. A team is only allowed to restart the game once.

Pausing the game

  • Each team is allowed to pause the game for a total of 5 minutes without consulting the admins.
  • Before unpausing a game, both teams must confirm that they are ready in the game chat. If a game for some reason needs to be restarted after picks/bans has been decided, use "Blind Pick" game type in order to save time – both teams must use the same champions they chose in the pick/ban phase.

Team Management

  • A team consists of 5 players and up to 2 reserve players
  • A player may only be the member of ONE team in this tournament.
  • Changing players after the pick/ban phase has started is ONLY allowed if BOTH teams agree.


  • Spectators is not allowed.
  • Admins can choose to spectate any given game, and cannot be refused to spectate by a team.
  • People that are explicitly allowed to spectate by an admin (such as casters and referees) cannot be refused to spectate.

Unfair play
The following actions are considered unfair play.

  • The use of cheat programs/hacks or any third party program that gives the player and advantage over his peers.
  • Intentionally disconnecting from the game.
  • Playing on someone else's account. The use of any settings exceeding the standard settings.

Any unnecessary chatting during the match
Unnecessary chatting is any type of communication that is not described below.

  • Greetings between players (Hello, gl, hf, gg, etc...).
  • A signal for loss (gg, wp).
  • Friendly chatting between players that is not considered unsportsmanlike behaviour. Relevant messages for the referee.

Before the match
Through the official results and fixture list it is possible to see when to play. The announced times for matches has to be respected and the administrators maintain the right to forfeit teams that turn up late. Make sure to always be prepared and ahead of schedule. Warm-up has to be done PRIOR to the scheduled start of the match.

A minimum of 4 players is required to play a match. With 3 players or less a team forfeits the match in question.

At this event we would like to ensure that the delay in the tournament schedule will be kept at a minimum. Any carelessness by teams and/or players that results in the delay of games will not be tolerated The following rules will therefore be applied to all games and matches played at Copenhagen Games:

  1. All matches must start no later than 15 minutes after the announced start time.
  2. The game administration has to be informed if your team needs additional time before starting the match. The game administration can decide whether the reason is valid and if your team can get any postponement. Any delays that are not agreed by the administrators are regarded as illegal and can be punished in compliance with
  3. The game administration has the following sanctions if any team violates 1 and 2.

If only one player is missing on any team, irrelevant of the team/s disadvantage, the administrators may force a game start. Forfeit loss if a team is short by more than one player at the server The match will be decided by coin toss if both teams are missing more than one player, Missing players (3, 1) can join the match at anytime with standard startmoney. No pause is allowed while waiting for the player to connect to the server.

We expect every participant to behave professionally and with a sportsman-like conduct at all times. Matches lost on purpose, illegal use of pause during a match and verbal or any other abuse of an opponent may result in warnings or disqualification from the tournament. Poor behavior during or after the event may result in a ban from future events. We expect all players to behave in an exemplary manner and show understanding and patience towards their opponents as well as the administrators.

The player

  • A player may ONLY play matches for ONE team in the League of Legends tournament.
  • A player MUST be signed up for the event and have paid the entrance-fee to play.
  • A player MUST use the registered nick for the tournament matches.
  • All players MUST have read and understood the regulations that apply to the tournament.

Breaking the rules
If you are uncertain about any rules, contact admins at the admin table before proceeding. If a team breaks the rules set they may, at the discretion of the admins, be disqualified from the tournament. Admins can make minor adjustments to rules during tournament (for example, allow pausing, delay in match start etc.), and each decision is ultimately up to admins.