Hearthstone Tournament 2018



Date: Thursday March 29th till Saturday March 31st
Price: 300 DKK. / 41 euro including entrance fee for the entire event for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Price: 575 DKK. / 78 euro including lan seat for the entire event for Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
BYOD: Laptop/tablet device, Stationary's won’t be allowed
Tournament Format: Standard Conquest. Best of 5 w/ 1 Ban (4 classes registered)
Tournament Structure: 8 Rounds of Swiss. Top Cut 16, Single Elimination..
Participants: Maximum 64 participants

Prize Pool 

    5,000 DKK

  • 1st place - 1,500 DKK
  • 2nd place - 1,000 DKK
  • 3-4th place - 500 DKK
  • 5-8th place - 375 DKK



  • 11.00-12-00: Check in
  • 12.00-22.00: Rounds 1-5 of Swiss


  • 12.00-16.00: Round 6-8 of Swiss
  • 16.00-18.00: Top Cut - Round of 16
  • 18.00:22.00: Top Cut - Round of 8 (2 matches will be showcased)


  • 10.00-15:00: Semi finals & grand final (all 3 matches will be showcased)

Match process

  • Before each round:
  • Find your seat (each match has a number, which will correspond to a seat) and greet your opponent.
  • Find your opponent's Battletag under your next match on Battlefy.
  • Add your opponent in Hearthstone.
  • Open up a Standard format challenge screen with your opponent.
  • Ban 1 of your opponent's classes in your current match in Battlefy.
  • Once you have both banned, you can see which class you can't play. Choose any of you 3 remaining classes and press play in Hearthstone to start the match.
  • During and after each round:
  • After each game, take a screenshot of either the loss or win.
  • Report the score on Battlefy and resume your next game.
  • If it is the last game of the match, report and await the next round which will be announced and then can be found in Battlefy.
  • You are entitled to at least a 5 min. break after each round.


§1. General
To ensure the best possible tournament for all participant, the Innkeepers’ ruling will always be final even if it is contradictory to the rules presented in the following.

If the rules presented in the following are broken repeatedly, the Innkeepers reserve the right to permanently ban a participant (referred to hereafter as blacklisted), in such a way that this person will not be able to participate in future Tournaments at Copenhagen Games.

§2. Registrering & Check-in
If you as a participant haven’t checked in on Battlefy or haven't communicated with your opponent or an Innkeeper within 15 minutes of the tournament’s start, you will be considered a no show and you will be awarded a match loss. If this repeats, you will be disqualified. It is therefore important that you remain on the premises where the tournament is being held while it is taking place and that you always inform the Innkeepers if you leave the premise for longer periods of time and for what reason.

§3. Challenge Screen
The match starts when both players have accepted a challenge and are in the ”challenge screen”. In the challenge screen both players can ask for screenshots of the available decks to verify that they only have 1 deck per played class. It is important that both players only have 1 deck available per class (of the classes entered into the tournament). A screenshot must be delivered on request without leaving the challenge screen, otherwise it might result in disqualification.

To summarise, there cannot be more than 4 eligible decks at any given time during a match in your challenge screen, otherwise it might result in disqualification.

§4. Cheating
Participants are not allowed to change their decks during the tournament. This includes both changing cards in a deck and/or changing decks or classes completely. Breaking these rules will result in instant disqualification.

If you cue in the wrong deck, you will be awarded a game loss and the match will resume after a warning has be issued. Repeated mistakes can result in a disqualification.

It is prohibited to use any third-party software such as Deck Tracker or Innkeeper. All forms of notation is prohibited as well, such as paper and pencil

§5. Bad sportsmanship
All players are expected to behave decently towards each other in all aspects of the tournament. This includes both in person and through Battlefy, Discord, Battle.Net and more.

Participants who feel they have experienced indecent behaviour from other players during the tournament should contact the Innkeepers and if possible include screenshots as evidence. Afterwards, a tournament official will judge the behaviour and in worst case scenarios it can result in a player being blacklisted.

§6. Disconnects
You are as participants responsible for ensuring that your own hardware and software function as it should. This means that disconnecting from the game during a battle results in a game loss for the disconnecting player.

Should both players disconnect at the same time, the fight will need to be replayed unless the Innkeepers can point to a direct winner either based on the stream or based on evidence sent from the disconnected players.

§7. Stream & spectate
It must be possible for Innkeepers (innkeeper accounts look like: HOTH#XXXXX) to spectate all matches. If your match is the one that will be streamed, the Innkeepers will inform you before it begins. It's very important that you follow the Innkeepers’ instructions and that you have made it possible for the Innkeepers to spectate you in the Hearthstone settings.

§8. Own responsibility
It is a player's own responsibility to make sure that any equipment such as computer/tablet/smartphone functions optimally and that the player is connected to the relevant network.

All players should strive to make sure that the above written rules are kept to at all times. Players should, to the best of their ability, take screenshots of, appeal to Innkeepers about and in other ways draw attention to any breaking of the rules that they suspect or witness.