Why is the police at Copenhagen Games?

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The police are present in great numbers here at Copenhagen Games, and they plan to stay until our esports festival is well over. Luckily, their presence isn’t because there are problems here – it’s because there’s potential here!

- “We want to come out and talk with the many young people here at Copenhagen Games, because there’s lots of good potential cops and IT employees out here,” says Hilbert Strange, recruitment consultant at the National Police.

- “The polices tasks and work methods evolves all the time, and that calls for employees, that have some analytical abilities as well as some IT skills,” he elaborates.

Among the clientele at Copenhagen Games there are many young gamers who, through their interest in games and electronics, have built up strategic skills and a well-developed understanding of IT. And that is something the police can benefit from. 

Here they work with new IT systems to sort and analyze data, they do electronic trace securing and last but not least they have the National Cyber Crime Center, where the investigating is of a difficult digital sort.

-“IT competences and the police work really well together, so we are at Copenhagen Games, because we really would like to bring attention to the many different and exciting IT tasks, you will find in the police force. Both in investigating and IT development,” tells Hilbert Strange.

At Copenhagen Games they are equally thrilled to have the police at the esports festival.

- “Esport is really oozing out in society – and it is happening rapidly. This is naturally pleasing to us in the business, because it opens up for collaborations with many companies and organizations, which all in different ways can make use of esport in some way,” says Zahid Butt, CEO and founder of Copenhagen Games.

Copenhagen Games opened this years festival at Wednesday the 17th of April with a big business conference, where the theme was how different businesses and organizations can take advantage of esport. During the entire festival there will be booths present from, among others, the police, the military defence and Danish Shipping Companies, who all want the IT skilled youth to consider a career under their wings.