What is Copenhagen Games?

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Copenhagen Games is an annual esports festival at Easter for casual gamers, professional esports athletes, and guests where all get together to celebrate the gaming and esport community. This year the festival will take place from the 8th to 11th of April in Lokomotivværkstedet in the heart of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

If you’re new to this Danish event or just want a simple reminder of all the exciting activities you can participate in during the festival; we’ll give you an overview of what Copenhagen Games is really about.


Professional Esport Tournaments 

Copenhagen Games is first and foremost an esports event with big tournaments in a selection of game titles. Both professionals as well as non-professionals compete against each other. The ultimate goal on everyone competing is to lift one of the Copenhagen Games trophies. This year, we welcome back some of our community's favourite titles such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Team Fortress 2 and FIFA. Furthermore, we have this year expanded in terms of esport competition as we now include tournaments in Magic: The Gathering, Minecraft, and Fortnite

We are looking forward to welcome back both Copenhagen Games veterans as well as new-comers to join us at Lokomotivværkstedet. We host the big tournaments on our main stage with live streaming in several languages where our talented casters will guide you through the action while the loud audience lifts the spirit all the way to the ceiling! You can look forward to witness some of the best CS:GO professionals as well as TF2 players battle it out on our incredible stage in the main hall of Lokomotivværsktedet.

Copenhagen Games also has a tradition of hosting a couple of Danish community tournaments. We are happy to announce that we will host the finals of the EDU Cup, Deloitte CS:GO and Den Blå CS:GO Liga at this year’s event. Here; scholars, university students, and rising stars have competed online for a spot in the finals at the Copenhagen Games event. The finalists will face off on our main stage where they get to try and play in front of a big audience first hand.

If you’re mostly into watching esports, you don’t want to miss out on the action on the big stage. You’ll find yourself close to the players and part of the amazing atmosphere. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other esport fans or the professional players - Copenhagen Games is all about getting the gaming community together to celebrate esports and gaming, meet new people, and cheer on your favourite team and players together.

If you and your team want to participate in one of our tournaments, you find all the rules and tournament specifications here on our website and get your tickets and register here.



Copenhagen Games is not only filled with esports tournaments. It is also one of Denmark’s biggest LAN events where you can have fun with friends and play for hours on end.

Lokomotivværkstedet offers the perfect location for our LAN and gaming events, where you and your friends bring your own computer and gaming gear and just have fun during the event. As Lokomotivværkstedet is one, giant hall; you will have fun at the LAN while not missing out on the action and the atmosphere from the esport tournaments on the main stage.

The LAN is your opportunity to gather friends, chill, and have fun while you spend several days gaming, meet new people, and experience all our fun activities. With all the fun you are to experience, rest is also needed at some points. If you have travelled a far distance and haven’t got any place to stay in Copenhagen during the event, we offer sleeping arrangements in our sleeping hall nearby Lokomotivværkstedet. We have shuttles during the day and night that will take you to and from the event to the sleeping area. More information about the sleeping hall and shuttles is yet to come.


Fun activities and Guest Experiences

What is an esport and gaming festival without fun activities? As a guest or participant, you’ll get the chance to try out different activities during the event which doesn’t necessarily include a keyboard or controller. Last year, we had an outdoor lasergame, where you could face off against other people while also enjoying a bit of fresh air. 

If you’re more into indoor activities, you may also try out some of the newest gaming gear on the market, compete in different activities or visit one of the many booths located inside Lokomotivværkstedet. We have several gaming-related companies with booths worth visiting, you may try out VR, hang out with other guests and players in some of our cozy areas or just take a minor break from digital gaming to play some board games.

Our guests are more than welcome to join in on the fun activities or cheer at our tournaments. Feel free to grab your friends, family or your significant other with you to show them what an amazing and welcoming community you’re part of.

We will bring more news of the fun activities and booths later on - just stay tuned!


Esport Conference

On a more different note, Copenhagen Games also hosts an esports conference where you may learn more about the current development of the esport industry and where it may be heading in the upcoming future. Important stakeholders and people with firsthand experiences from the industry will tell about their personal journey of growing a successful esport company, their struggles and victories, and much more.

The esport conference is not only for people from the industry itself. Others with interests may also participate. If you want to rewatch the conference, you may watch the show online as we also livestream the conference on Twitch.


The Amazing Afterparty!

Let’s not forget to tell you about the amazing afterparty where you can show off your dance moves, buy delicious drinks, and continue to have fun with all the great people from you have met during the event. The DJ will bring the coolest tunes and the floor will be yours to conquer. This is the perfect opportunity to finish off Copenhagen Games with a bang and have a night you (hopefully) won’t forget.

What’s not to like? Go grab your tickets to this year’s Copenhagen Games NOW!