What CG has meant for "AcilioN" and his career

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Last year, attendees at Copenhagen Games might have seen Asger "AcilioN" Larsen and the rest of the Imperial team pick up the trophy as the worthy winners of the main CS:GO tournament. This year, you will be able to see AcillioN again at the esports festival, but in a quite different way.

- "This is the first time I’m attending Copenhagen Games since its creation without competing in the main tournament. So, this year I’m just here to look, to have fun, go out to eat and talk with people and sit in the bar – the after party is always great! And of course I’ll have to see some of the playoff matches too," tells Acilion, who is currently an inactive player for team Heroic.

Because even without a team to play on, AcilioN doesn’t lack companions here at Copenhagen Games. The esports festival has become a place for him and many others to see all the friends you usually only meet online.

- "I come to Copenhagen Games because everybody else does: Many of my best friends I’ve met through gaming, so I know a lot of people here. The community has always been sublime at Copenhagen Games. It is amazing to see people I know really well come all the way from different areas in Denmark and even from Sweden and Norway," says pro gamer AcilioN.

The rise to stardom

Having followed the esports festival from the very beginning 10 years back, AcilioN points to a development he sees and encourages in Copenhagen Games.

- "I find it super awesome that Copenhagen Games has made the event more professional and more lucrative to compete in – which you for example see in such aspects that the invited teams has an area for themselves – and that Copenhagen Games at the same time still maintains this level of coziness that has always characterized the event," praises AcilioN.

One of the ways you'll see the special mix between coziness and seriousness at the esports festival is in the diversity of the crowd. The competing teams range from professionals to complete newcomers. And this range is equally something the Copenhagen Games-habitué AcilioN is fond of.

- "I think it is a very special thing to have an event with such a big prize pool, where you don’t need to be invited or to qualify online first. You just show up, you play, and if you do well, your team can get lots of publicity. That is was makes Copenhagen Games one of the very best events to prove yourselves as a new team," says the Heroic-rifler.

And AcilioN knows what he is talking about. Because when he and Imperial proved themselves last year at Copenhagen Games, things really spiraled upwards for the team.

- "Copenhagen Games was one of the reasons we in Imperial really got started. We won the main CS:GO tournament, which gave us lots of HLTV points, which brought us up in top 20. Then we started to get invites to closed qualifiers and from there on it just rolled. Before Copenhagen Games we didn’t have any HLTV points, we weren’t a team people would invite," says AcilioN.

Here at Copenhagen Games we are pleased to have AcillioN as our guest - not to mention all of you! We wish that all of you will have your dreams come true this easter in Lokomotivværkstedet!