The Rest of Copenhagen Games 2019 Winners

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This year at Copenhagen Games, several great tournaments have been held. From new games such as APEX Legends to good ol' Counter-Strike. Now, all the winners have been found, and what a wonderful couple of days this has been at Copenhagen Games 2019!

In this article, you will find pictures of all the winners and their results from the finals in Red Bull Player One, EDU Cup CS:GO and EDU Cup League of Legends, the general League of Legends tournament, Team Fortress 2 in both 6v6 and Highlander, FIFA 19 and APEX Legends.


Red Bull Player One

The national final in Red Bull Player One went off saturday afternoon at Copenhagen Games. It was the fight of honor to call themselves Denmark's best amateur solo mid player in League of Legends - and not to mention win a trip to Brazil with a companion to represent the Danish flag in the international final in São Paulo this december.

In the final, we found "Den Voksne" against "Scuffed". Both had beaten more than 600 other hopefull players in the Red Bull Player One 1v1 tournament to advance to the BO3 final in front of a cheering audience at the Red Bull Stage.

First match was quickly done, and was won by "Den Voksne" who rapidly got 100 CS in front of "Scuffed" who ended with only 77. Then it was up to "Scuffed" to change the game, and he took the job with stoic calm. And so the second match ended up as close as it could get. Both finalists picked the champion Karma, and a number of times both the CS score, the gold amount and the amount of defending minions was exactly the same. The match continued this way and by the end, both players was close to gaining the first kill, which could give them the victory. In the end, it was the minion kills that finished the game when "Den voksne" got his 100 CS right in front of "Scuffed" with 98 CS.

A nerve wracking ending for sure, but "Scuffed" was a decent runner up and congratulated the ecstatic "Den Voksne", who is now going to the Red Bull Player One international final in december in São Paulo, Brazil.

"Den voksne" won the Red Bull Player One National Final 2-0 against "Scuffed"


EDU CUP Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Out of 17 teams, only one could be victors in the EDU CUP CS:GO Tournament. That was a fact both finalists - "eAcd.Hoejer 1" and "Rydhave Finklan" - was very aware of because the BO3 finale ended up nerve wrackingly close, even though we only got to see two maps: Train and Mirage. 

Both maps were very close with a 16-13 score on both, but "eAcd.Hoejer 1" edged out "Rydhave Finklan" and took home the EDU CUP title!

"eAcd.Hoejer 1" won 2-0 against "Rydhave Finklan"

EDU CUP League of Legends

11 teams were competing in the EDU CUP League of Legends. Out of the two groups, only four teams went off to playoffs - and lastly, we had our finalists, "Elobussen Bosei LOL" and "EjbyBrotherhood". They were competing for the division of the prizepool, where the loser of the match would recieve second place and get rewarded with 3000 DKK, whereas the winner would get a total of 7000 DKK.

The finale was a BO5, where "EjbyBrotherhood" smashed through and defeated "Elobussen Bosei LOL" in all three necessary matches and claimed their victory.

"EjbyBrotherhood" won 3-0 against "Elobussen Bosei LOL"


League of Legends

7 teams were up for the challenge of beating the rest of the teams to be crowned winners of this year’s 5v5 League of Legends tournament. The tournament was in league format, meaning that each team had to face each other. The two teams who handled the job best ended up being “Atlando” and “Søger modstand XD”, who went on to meet each other in the final.

First off, it seemed as if it would be an easy win for the team consisting of former pro players, the “Søger modstand XD”, after the first two matches in the BO5 finale ended up in their favor. But in the third game, “Atlando” finally came in to their own and took home a quite convincing win. But the moment didn’t stretch much longer than a great lead in the following and fourth game, but the lead was no longer in sight, and “Atlando” lost what they had built up, when “Søger modstand XD” eventually took home the last crucial victory.

“Søger modstand XD” won 3-1 against “Atlando”


Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 6v6

Team Fortress 2 finals in 6v6 took off right after the end of our CS:GO Main tournament ended. The crowd was proper lit when the two finalists walked onto the stage: "Se7en", the favourite team with the best odds of winning the tournament, versus "Ascent.EU", the underdogs with the whole crowd having their backs.

The final was going to be decided in a BO5. First map was rather close with lots of highlights, but after all, "Se7ven" conquered the map. The second map brought back hope to "Ascent.EU", since "Se7en" never really plays on that map. But no obstacle was too hard for "Se7ven" to overcome, as they gave it all and also got a win on the second map. On the third and last map, the teams had to go into overtime with a golden round. "Se7en" also conqered a win on this map and gained the title as the winner of this year's Copenhagen Games TF2 6v6.

"Se7ven" won 3-0 against "Ascent.EU"


Team Fortress 2 Highlander

In this 9v9 final, the defending champions from "Strong Opinions" showed some quality skills and won the TF2 Highlander tournament 2-0 against "kiti s bakenbardami". Surely a world class match, but still nobody can reach "Strong Opinions".

"Strong Opinions" won 2-0 against "kiti s bakenbardami"


Thursday the 18th of April, the FIFA 19 tournament was held at the Red Bull Stage. It began from the very morning and by the evening, only two players were left for the final: "Tamer" and "Netsix". "Netsix" (to the right in the picture) showed his oponent "Tamer" who had the upper hand and took home the victory.

"Netsix" won 2-0 against "Tamer"


APEX Legends

For the first time, Copenhagen Games has held a tournament in the new, popular game, APEX Legends - and what a tournament it has been! For this specifik tournament, a great prizepool of a total of 20.000 DKK was at stake!

In the BO5 final of the Apex Legends tournament, we had our finalists "Listerineboyz" and "Toppen ESPORT". And what a game it was! It ended with "Listerineboyz" as our first winners in the new tournament and who could go home with the first prize of 10.000 DKK!

"Listerineboyz" won 304,5 - 259,5 against "Toppen ESPORT"