Stories From Copenhagen Games 2019: Tricked

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Copenhagen Games 2020 is still a few months away, but we are having a hard time containing our excitement for us all to return to the esport festival of the year. As we all have to stay patient for a little while longer, we’ll take a look back on one of last year’s contestants that got the honour to fight on home soil: Tricked!


Tricked’s lineup at Copenhagen Games 2019:

  • Nicolai ”HUNDEN” Petersen
  • Lucas "Bubskji" Andersen
  • Johannes ”B0rup” Borup
  • Frederik ”acoR” Gyldstrand
  • Rasmus ”Sjuush” Beck


Invitation to Copenhagen Games

Tricked was one of our four invited teams. They got an invitation after Heroic declined the invitation as they were going to attend ESL Pro League prior to Copenhagen Games. Heroic’s absence left a spot open for their fellow countrymen that they took full advantage of. Heroic was the first team to get an invitation to Copenhagen Games 2019 as they were one of Denmark’s top teams, listed #26 on HLTV back in the beginning of March 2019. Heroic was also the runner-ups at Copenhagen Games 2018 and therefore the team to invite for a perfect comeback one year later. 


The second team to get an invitation was OpTic Gaming, but eventually Epsilon was to replace them as they also chose not to participate last year. The last two invited teams were Sprout and ForZe. All the other three teams who were to fight in our CS:GO Main tournament were in the top 30 HLTV ranking list last April just weeks before the beginning of Copenhagen Games.


Tricked had a rough start to 2019 and were only ranked #61 at the beginning of April. In the following weeks, they went upwards on the HLTV ladder and crossed the border to top 30 after competing at Copenhagen Games. Afterwards, they entered the top 30 on HLTV team ranking list as #29.


Tricked's Group Stage Performance

Tricked were one of four teams competing in group B in the group stage that took place Friday 19th of April 2019. In group B they had to face Söderberg & Partners, Gambit Youngsters and Sprout. All matches in the group stage were BO3. Tricked managed to beat Söderberg & Partners as well as Sprout with two clean 2-0 victories, but they lost the first map against Gambit Youngsters making the match go 2-1.


Nonetheless, Tricked advanced to the playoffs with some solid performances.


Results from Tricked Esport’s group stage matches:


  • Tricked vs. Söderberg & Partners: 16-6 (Mirage) & 16-11 (Dust2) 
    • Fun fact: B0rup had an ADR of 108.1 on Mirage and a rating of 1.70!
  • Tricked vs. Gambit Youngsters: 14-16 (Overpass), 16-9 (Inferno) & 16-12 (Nuke)
  • Tricked vs. Sprout: 16-6 (Overpass) & 16-14 (Mirage)



It wasn’t until playoffs, Tricked had trouble winning rounds and getting the upperhand in order to make it through to the Grand Final. The team had to face off against Russian ForZe, who advanced to the playoffs as the second best team in Group A, where they were only beaten by Movistar Riders with superstar Mixwell on the Spanish teams roster. Tricked lost 0-2 to ForZe in the semifinal with the map results of 7-16 on both Inferno and Dust2. 


Tricked’s journey at Copenhagen Games 2019 was soon over, but their adventure onwards had only just begun. At the end of 2019, Tricked had proven more than once that they truly were the second best Danish team behind Astralis.


The History of Tricked Esport

Tricked was initially founded in 2012 and the organization entered the CS:GO scene in 2014 with HUNDEN and Casper “cadiaN” Møller on the roster. HUNDEN afterwards rejoined Tricked twice: first in 2015 and secondly in 2019. 


Back in late 2018, Nicolai “HUNDEN” Petersen, a well-known Danish in-game leader, had to make a decision of where to continue his career after he decided not to renew his contract with the german organization, ALTERNATE aTTaX. It was then reported that HUNDEN would possibly rejoin his former team, Tricked, along with the fellow Dane, Martin “PERCY” Wessel. With this move, Tricked’s roster in January 2019 consisted of the following players:

  • Nicolai "HUNDEN" Petersen
  • Johannes "b0rup" Borup
  • Lucas "Lukki" Pilheden
  • Frederik "acoR" Gyldstrand
  • Martin "PERCY" Wessel


With PERCY leaving the team soon after moving to Tricked and Lukki being benched in March 2019, Tricked still had everything to prove and were looking to surprise all the skeptics and non-believers when they received the invitation to compete at Copenhagen Games 2019. Everything was on the line for the team, especially for HUNDEN, who is one of the most criticized players for his low ratings and minimal impact done throughout his played matches as seen by experts and viewers. 


Even though Tricked didn’t manage to qualify for the Grand Final at Copenhagen Games, it was the first LAN event with their newly completed roster. After all, they did lose to the team that later on won the whole event. From April 2019 and onwards, things did turn out surprisingly well for Tricked after all.


Onto New Adventures with MAD Lions

Since Tricked were defeated by ForZe at Copenhagen Games 2019, the organization has not lost their spot among the best teams in the world, as they have continued to stay on HLTV’s top 30 ranking list. With only a slight change in their roster with b0RUP leaving for Heroic, that led to the signing of Fredrik “roeJ” Jørgensen from Copenhagen Flames, Tricked has now consistently earned a spot as a top 20 team in the world. 


In late 2019, Tricked could unveil the big news that their entire roster with HUNDEN in front was to be signed by the Spanish organization, MAD Lions. The team also added a new coach, Luis “peacemaker” Tadeu, from Brazil. 


From being the underdogs, who were representing Denmark on home soil at Copenhagen Games in 2019, to winning the V4 Future Sports Festival in Budapest in September to go under the new banner of MAD Lions, one thing is safe to say: This team has a lot of potential to achieve great accomplishments in 2020, and has finally proved everyone wrong. 


Tricked as an organization is still working as they have signed five young players. The team will continue to compete in Danish tournaments and leagues, as well as smaller international ones. We hope to see Tricked again at this year’s Copenhagen Games with their new line-up, and who knows, maybe they can make the same run as HUNDEN and co. did in 2019. 

Hopefully, we will experience many more exciting and great stories at this year’s Copenhagen Games. Do you have what it takes to compete on the big stage? Go grab your tickets for you and your team! We’re looking forward to much more action-packed CS:GO this year.