Presentation: Player contracts and sponsorships


Copenhagen Games will, once again, not only be about games and tournaments but also have a lot of different presentations during this year's business conference and throughout the following days. 

We are happy to announce one of the big presentations about player contracts and sponsorships, which will be presented by attorney, Dan Dahl Rahimian, from Advokatgruppen. 

Most players dream about competing on the big stage, but players usually don’t consider all the legal work behind the scene, that has to be in order before you enter professional play. That is exactly why Dan will be talking about player contracts, sponsorships, and what up and coming players should be aware of when going pro. 

Dan will also be focusing on other legal challenges that might emerge when a player goes from amateur to professional play, and even things to be considered long before players reach a professional level, such as nicknames, etc. 


Every esport player should be aware of all the legal challenges they encounter during their careers. Before signing a contract with a club, sponsor or an investor, it is very important to carefully review all commitments, terms and conditions in the contract. It does not matter whether the contract is the players first or largest contract. In addition, they should be aware of their brand/trademark and on an early stage enforce improper use of their brand.” says Attorney at Law, Dan Dahl Rahimian. 


The presentation will be held on Friday the 10th of April at 15:00 on Stage B, where Dan will do his best to explain some of the legal processes within esports, in the most basic way. Please note that the presentation will be in Danish. 

The presentation will be aimed at players, but everyone is welcome. We hope to see you there! 

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