Deloitte CS:GO University Tournament

Esports is a playground for the development of classic consulting skills 
In a new collaboration between and Deloitte, esports is linked to the consulting industry. Both parties believe that young people in the esports community develop skills that are crucial for both the business community and society in general. Therefore, the ambition is to show young esports enthusiasts how to use their skills from the gamer chair in the consulting industry.

Community and diversity are put in the driver's shirt
Never before has it been so clear how the merging of different skills, backgrounds and experiences is crucial to the success of companies. Which is especially noticeable in the consulting industry, where innovative solutions are of the highest currency. Deloitte is no exception.

“We believe that we can make the biggest difference for our customers when we work with teams of great diversity. We believe that if we utilize our different perspectives and backgrounds as our greatest strength, we can act more creatively and innovatively and create better solutions. In addition, we can cultivate the best community for us as individuals as well as teams. ”
// Camilla Kruse, People and Purpose Leader, Deloitte Denmark.

Deloitte's eye on young esports athletes is due to the fact that the company sees a similarity between the skilled gamer and the consultant. Deloitte sees esports as a playground for developing relevant competencies such as strategic thinking, solid communication skills, collaborative skills and organizational understanding. And when these competencies are acquired outside of the university, it brings another valuable perspective in addition to the academic approach.

Like the consulting industry, the esports industry is a striving community where young esports practitioners cultivate their interest ambitiously and dedicated. Being able to partner with a strong brand like Deloitte is therefore an exciting opportunity. Both because it is important to develop a professional look at esports athletes and to illustrate to young people that there are career opportunities in which they can benefit from gamer skills rather than put them on the shelf.

“It is important for both us as one of the country's oldest esports organizations, and for the esports industry in general, that a collaboration like this with Deloitte opens up a strong opportunity to focus on how the very concentrated skills that the gamers acquire through esports can be brought into relevance in connection with education and career."
// Zahid Butt, CEO,,  

The way in which and Deloitte will actualize the collaboration is via an online CS tournament for university students from all Danish universities from February to March. The tournament culminates in a final event at Copenhagen Games 2020 during the Easter holidays in April 2020.

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