Copenhagen Games


City of Copenhagen Sponsors Copenhagen Games

When esports festival Copenhagen Games return at Easter 2020 it will be with even bigger economical support from the municipality of Copenhagen.

What is Copenhagen Games?

Copenhagen Games is an annual esports festival for casual gamers, professional esports athletes, and guests.

Deloitte CS:GO University Tournament


Copenhagen Games 2020 Venue

We're happy to announce that Copenhagen Games will return to Lokomotivværkstedet in 2020.

CS:GO Tournament Format

We're ready to share the format to the CS:GO tournaments at CG20.

CS:GO Ladies Tournament Format

We're ready with the format for the CS:GO Ladies' tournament at CG20

Ticket Sales Open November 1st 2019

Ticket Sales for Copenhagen Games 2020 open November 1st 2019.

Copenhagen Games 2020

Copenhagen Games takes place April 8.-11. 2020!

Changes to the CS:GO Main Tournament at CG 2020

Changes are coming coming to the CS:GO Main tournament at Copenhagen Games 2020!

What CG has meant for "AcilioN" and his career

Pro CS:GO-player "AcilioN" is at Copenhagen Games. Here he tells the story of what the esports festival has meant for him and his career.

The Team Fortress 2 community

Team Fortress 2 has an amazing community - something that definitely doesn't go by unnoticed.

Groups for CS:GO Ladies Tournament

The groups for the CS:GO Ladies tournament have now been settled - check out for more information.

The Rest of Copenhagen Games 2019 Winners

Check out all the rest of our glourius Copenhagen Games 2019 winners right here!

Missed the Cosplay competition? Catch up here!

See all the pictures from the popular Cosplay competetion here!

Win gaming chairs at the Lasergame Tournament!

Today at 13.30 the outdoor 2v2 Lasergame Tournament starts - register from 12 to 13 at the reception for the chance to win gaming chairs!

Why is the police at Copenhagen Games?

Don't worry, it isn't because there are problems here - it's because there is potential here!

CS:GO Main Groups

After finishing the final matches in the CS:GO Qualifier Playoffs, we can finally announce the two CS:GO Main groups.

Groups for CS:GO Main Qualifier

The groups have been settled for the CS:GO Main Qualifier - check them out here!

New CS:GO Ladies Format

After listening to the Danish CS:GO community, we've decided to make some changes to the CS:GO Ladies tournament structure.

Streamers at Copenhagen Games 2019

See which Twitch streamers have partnered with Cougar Gaming to come to CG19!