Copenhagen Games

What is Copenhagen Games?

superunni // 8 months ago

Copenhagen Games is a lot of things, to some even a second home. But first and foremost, it’s the best LAN-party in Denmark!

In the Easter holiday, gamers not just from Denmark but worldwide travel to Copenhagen to attended Copenhagen Games. Some travel there in hope to qualify in our main CS:GO tournament and have a chance to face off against the invited pro-teams; while others go to have an amazing experience with their friends or family.

As mentioned, we have quite a few tournaments at Copenhagen Games and that’s the case again this year. So far, the following tournaments had been confirmed:

  • CS:GO main tournament
  • Ladies CS:GO tournament
  • Team Fortress 2 tournament
  • FIFA tournament
  • Magic: the Gathering

Naturally, we will also continue our tradition of holding a League of Legends tournament for EDU (schools). But be sure to keep an eye on our website for more news about the tournaments coming to this year’s Copenhagen Games.

Of course, people also attend the event due to the atmosphere that Copenhagen Games has. Copenhagen Games offer a lot of things during the event. There is an amazing cosplay show; were people come dressed as some of the most well-known characters from video games, anime and much more. There are also loads of stands at the event. Some for new games for all visitors to try out and some with competitions where you can win amazing prizes! Sadly, we cannot reveal too much about the different stands as of yet, but there will be more information about the stands at Copenhagen Games within the next months.

Not everything will be as usual though with our 2 stages for tournaments. This year we are making Copenhagen Games bigger and better than before by adding a new stage for our cosplay and other exciting things! Of course, there will also be some truly amazing prizes for the winners.

And we cannot forget about one of our most important traditions at Copenhagen Games. On the last night of the LAN-party, we celebrate the amazing days we have had together - both players and staff - with our (in)famous afterparty. This is something everyone looks forward to with a dancefloor and a DJ, as well as affordable beer prices!  

With all of this said, we hope to see just as many people attend the most amazing LAN-party this year at Easter. Remember you can now buy your tickets NOW for Copenhagen Games 2019!