Copenhagen Games

Welcome to our Talent Lineup

Elizahr // 6 months ago

With less than two weeks left before the take-off of the 2019 Copenhagen Games festival, it’s finally time to reveal our talent lineup! This year, we welcome the Danish streamer and actor Jens 'wonderbai' Sætter-Lassen as our Stage Host. 

Throughout the event, we have a desk host, analysts and casters, who will guide you through the various tournaments and games with in depth analyzes, play-by-play commentary, discussions and much more.

The talent lineup


Stage host

  • Jens 'Wonderbai' Sætter-Lassen Twitter

CS:GO Main

  • James 'BanKs' Banks (Desk host) Twitter
  • Simen 'warclown' Henriksen (Analyst) Twitter
  • Alex 'Hawka' Hawkins (Caster) Twitter
  • Adam 'Dinko' Hawthorne (Caster) Twitter
  • Mitch 'MitchMan' McBride (Caster) Twitter
  • Dean Brown (Caster) Twitter
  • Mathias 'Matti' Nørly (Caster) Twitter
  • Jesper 'Quintin' Moe (Caster) Twitter

CS:GO Ladies

  • Joshua 'BurntSanctuary' Keller (Caster) Twitter
  • Vincent 'Zescht' Talmon-Gros (Caster) Twitter
  • Graham 'GrahamCasts' Morrison (Caster) Twitter


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