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VOI X Copenhagen Games 2019

superunni // 6 months ago

Rent VOI’s electrical kick scooters during Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games has announced a new partnership with the Swedish company, VOI. VOI will make 20 of their electric kick scooters available during the Copenhagen Games event. VOI offers with their electrical kick scooters an easy and emission-free solution for participations at the Copenhagen Games to transport themselves to and from Lokomotivværkstedet where the event this year is located.

VOI is a Swedish company which was founded in the summer of 2018. Their vision is to offer everyone a transport that is both easy, fun and cheap to use for citizens and tourists of European cities. VOI’s electrical kick scooters are both sustainable and noiseless and fun! VOI does not only focus on being sustainable and emission-free, but the company also wants their users to take care of other people when driving in public.

VOI has already announced several partnerships with different cities around Europe such as Stockholm, Malmö, Madrid etc. They released their kick scooters in Copenhagen on the 17th of January 2019. This gives citizens and tourists of Copenhagen the opportunity to rent an electrical VOI kick scooter from different locations around the city.

How to rent a VOI kick scooter

It’s both simple, cheap and easy to rent an electrical VOI kick scooter during the Copenhagen Games event. First, you need to download the VOI app before you can begin to rent a kick scooter. With the app running, you are shown a map with the nearest electrical VOI kick scooters from your own location (Step 1).

Find and go to the kick scooter you want to rent and then scan the QR-code shown on the kick scooter to start renting it (Step 2).  

After scanning the QR-code, you are ready to transport yourself around the streets of Copenhagen while having fun and taking care of the environment.

Be aware of the cost for renting a VOI kick scooter. It costs 10 kroner for the rent itself and 1,5 kroner per minute while you are using the kick scooter.