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Team Fortress 2 Rentals and Prize Pool

superunni // 7 months ago

Rentals for the L33T-Gaming TF2 tournament are now officially available for those who have ordered TF2 tickets.

The total cost for a combo deal is 1450 DKK (€195) for the equipment that will be provided, excluding Paypal fees. You will need to pay for the rentals within 7 days of reserving, as there is a limited supply available and they will be delivered on a first come, first serve basis.

All rentals include:

  • Computer
  • 144 Hz monitor (or better)
  • Power cables
  • Display cable

Rentals do not include peripherals such as mouse and keyboard, as well as various other additional equipment, of which can be found listed on the form.

Equipment can be picked up on Wednesday the 17th of April, 2019 at the designated area in venue. Equipment must be delivered back to Copenhagen Games TF2 crew on Saturday the 20th of April, no later than 19:00 CEST.

Full information is available on the rental form, which is here.

You can find structure and schedule for the tournament here.

Please note: this offer is specific to the Team Fortress 2 participants and it is separat from our usual rental area.


The TF2 tournament has a total prize pool of €12,000, with the assistance and sponsorship of L33T-Gaming-TF2. Alongside the prize pool money will be additional hardware prizes.


6v6 Main Tournament

Total Prize Pool: €10,000

1st: €5,000 + Hardware

2nd: €2,500 + Hardware

3rd: €1,250 + Hardware

4th: €1,250


9v9 Highlander Tournament

Total Prize Pool: €2,000

1st: €1,250 + Hardware

2nd: €750 + Hardware

3rd: Hardware


A separate B tournament for 6v6 with various hardware items will also be available. More information about this tournament will be announced at a later date.