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Red Bull Player One at CG19

superunni // 6 months ago

Are you the best amateur solo mid player in League of Legends in Denmark? Do you have the nerves to walk alone at the Summoners Rift in a chase to gain first blood, to destroy your opponent’s tower or one hundred of his minions? Are you fit to represent Denmark against nearly 30 countries from around the world in the international Red Bull Player One 1v1- tournament? Then come prove it at Copenhagen Games 2019!

At the esport festival, Red Bull are for the first time ever hosting both an offline qualifier AND the national finals of the Danish Red Bull Player One-tournament at the Copenhagen Games venue – meaning that you will have a free shot to participate in the offline qualifier to become national and even international champion in 1v1 League of Legends. But hurry up there are only a few spots left. You can register right here.

Besides that, three other online qualifiers have been held, where the top 4 players in each qualifier have won tickets to come and compete in the national final at Copenhagen Games.

The winner of the Danish Red Bull Player One tournament will receive a +1 trip – including flight and hotel – to São Paulo in Brazil, where they will represent the Danish flag in the international world final of Red Bull Player One. In addition, the national winners also have the chance to join the Red Bull Player One Bootcamp, where you get to stay in a gaming house and receive training from League of Legends professionals as preparation for the world final.



Friday 19th of April ● Offline qualifier at Copenhagen Games for a place in the Danish national final of the Red Bull Player One-tournament

Saturday 20th of April ● The Danish national final of the Red Bull Player One-tournament at Copenhagen Games

December 2019 ● The world finals of the Red Bull Player One-tournament in São Paulo, Brazil


All this is going down at the great Red Bull area at Copenhagen Games. Here you will also be able to experience show matches between professional players in both CS:GO and FIFA and you can watch the finals in both FIFA and LAN League of Legends on the big Red Bull scene.

Read more about the Red Bull Player One-tournament here and be sure to check out the League Championship Denmark Twitch for the streaming of the entire tournament.

And if you still have not bought your ticket for Copenhagen Games 2019, you can buy it here.