Copenhagen Games

Open Casting Call for CS:GO Qualifier Tournament

superunni // 6 months ago

Copenhagen Games has in recent years become a stepping stone for teams that are looking to make it to the top. Teams and players that have performed well at our event have consistently moved up afterwards – getting those important invites, offers from bigger organizations or that contract that means you can be a fulltime professional.

We love being a platform for the community to test and prove themselves to the rest of the world.

So, we thought; why not take that idea and apply it to our talent line-up for the live streaming?

This means that we are looking for people that have the talent and drive to deliver great casting and analysis, but perhaps just have not gotten the chance yet.

On Thursday 18th of April, our qualification tournament is being held. We have a main studio, a B-studio and an analyst desk ready to be used. Now we just need the people willing to be PBP, colour and experts when the CS:GO tournament goes live.

You will join as part of our event crew, getting meals and drinks and access to our crew accommodations.

We cannot unfortunately offer day rates or travel support for this casting call.

Our main tournament and ladies' tournament will of course still have a strong line up, but through voting we will find the best candidate to stay on and cover our B-stream for the main tournament.

We have studios, producers, observers and cameras standing by – would you like to join?

Send an application to with a few words on why you are perfect for the job along with some recent English CS:GO VODs.