Copenhagen Games

Lenovo at CG19

Imeralds // 6 months ago

We are so excited to welcome back Lenovo to Copenhagen Games.  

Lenovo is offering many fun experiences throughout the week this year; one of which is the chance to play a 1v1 game against your friends. Not up for playing? You’ll also have the opportunity to get a team picture taken in front of the “Claim a fair game” wall and pick up a dog tag with your Gamertag imprinted into it.

Lenovo also wants to bring attention to online behaviour with their newest community – Girls Legion. Girls Legion is an open and welcoming group for women of all ages and skill level. Lenovo wants to “Claim a fair game” and put a spotlight on females within gaming. They recognize that women continue to have challenges and strive to drive out negative aspects of gaming culture. Attendees who drop by the stand will also have the opportunity to get your hands on some of Lenovo’s Girls Legion merchandise.  

If you would like to learn more about Girls Legion, come by Copenhagen Games and ask Lenovo’s amazing representatives some questions or check out their website here.

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