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L33T-Gaming Presents Team Fortress 2

superunni // 7 months ago

As an esports festival with a wide range; it is important to us that we not only work with the traditional esports titles such as Counter Strike and League of Legends. That is why it is very exciting for us that the Team Fortress 2 community has embraced Copenhagen Games the way they have. We are very pleased to announce that L33T-Gaming has chosen to actively support the unique collaboration.  

Thus, we are happy to announce L33T-Gaming TF2 as an official esports title at Copenhagen Games 2019.

The TF2 community has been somewhat overlooked around the globe, but the community’s members have still managed to create a strong cohesion and strong bonds to each other. Especially the ability to stay close and show both fair play and mutual respect for each other across national borders reflect some of the values that L33T-Gaming shares and that is why it has been completely natural for us to support TF2.

We are very happy to be a part of the cooperation and are looking forward to meeting the entire community at this year’s esports festival in the very heart of Copenhagen.” says Johan Ramskov from L33T-Gaming.

About the tournament:

  • Prize pool 12,000 euros (distribution of this is announced on a later date)
  • Max. 210 seats in the tournament
  • The event opens its doors on Wednesday 17th of April at 14:00, where team- and player check-in for Team Fortress 2 starts
  • Team check-in closes the 17th of April at 20:00
  • Team- and admin meeting on Wednesday the 17th of April at 21:00
  • The Team fortress 2 tournament starts Thursday the 18th of April at 10:00
  • Finals will be played Saturday night

L33T-Gaming Team Fortress 2 tournament structure