Copenhagen Games

GrenĂ¥ Game College

autowin // 6 months ago

At this year’s Copenhagen Games, there will be plenty of interesting stands for visitors and participants. One of the stands this year will be Grenå Game College, which is especially targeted towards younger people finishing school, with a passion for the nerdy world.   

Grenå Game College is a place of education in Denmark where you can achieve an education in e-sports, game development and game art, alongside your regular college experience. At Copenhagen Games this year, they will participate in a tournament with their students, but you will also get to feast your eyes upon what else they make at the school.  

At the stand, you will be able to talk to different students and ask about their education, how it works, etc. But you also get to play some of the game that the students have designed! So, in a way you are being invited into an exclusive Alpha/Beta test.  

Come and check out the stand for yourself and try out the games and talk to the students, who are already getting their dream education within e-sports. Maybe you will find your career path while at Copenhagen Games 2019!