Copenhagen Games

forZe wins CS:GO Main - read all about it here!

Simonbarestrup // 4 months ago


The Road To The Final

Both "Forze" and "Sprout" were invited to Copenhagen Games, but that didn't make the road to the final any easier for any of them!

The Dark Side Of The Forze

The first game for "forZe" was against "Moviestar Raiders". They had climbed all the way from the group qualifiers without conceding a single map! They were eager to win, they had the crowd behind them, and their players were performing on all cylinders!

"forZe" didn't stand a change.

After a 2-0 loss to Moviestar Raiders, "forZe" set their sight onto the talented Danish roster of "Ambush". And this time, "forZe" showed up, beating "Ambush" in convincing 2-0 fashion.

Their final opponent was "Epsilon". That didn't matter however, as "forZe" stomped them in an impressive 2-0 showing!

"forZe" didn't mind being the villain of the show. Destroying both "Epsilon" & "Ambush" which were the favourites according to the crowd. But instead of becoming frustrated with the lack of support, they almost seem to revel in the despair of the audience, hopelessly watching their team falling short. 

Their final victim was non-other than the danish darlings "Tricked". Once again "Tricked" didn't stand a chance, and was crushed by "forZe's" dark dominance.

The Plant of Defiance

"Sprout" had a somewhat rocky, though successful start to the tournament.

Their first opponent was against Russian "Gambit Youngsters". The Russian squad were young and inexperienced, but eager to win! But "Sprout" wouldn't go down so easily. After a close first map, where "Sprout" would edge out "Gambit Youngsters", "Sprout" showed their experience and stomped them out of the second one.

Their second opponent was another talented Danish line-up "Team Söderberg & Partners" also better known as "(ex-)fragsters". Once again, the series proved a tough challenge for the "Sprout" squad, but still managed to pull through.

The last match of the group stage proved too much to handle for the German team as they faced a poised danish squad, "Tricked". "Sprout" finished second in their group behind "Tricked".'

In the semi-final, they met the Spanish darlings, "Moviestar Raiders". Once again, it was no easy match for either team. But after another hard-fought battle, "Sprout" came out on top in a 2-1 win.

The Final

While "forZe" proved to be unstoppable once they got going, "Sprout" showed that they could grind themselves back from every possible disadvantage. This proved to be the perfect recipe for some great Counter-Strike

On all maps, they was a common pattern that kept repeating.

"forZe" took the early game lead with a solid 5-0 or 7-0 start. Then "Sprout" kept fighting back and bringing the score closer together. Especially on Nuke where after the 20th round, they kept trading rounds. Ending up in overtime, both teams look ready to take the win.

But then it happened.

"forZe's" bullet train seemed to slow down. They start playing sloppy and unfocused. "Sprout" recognised the slowdown and took full advantage of the situation. "Sprout" beat "forZe" 19-15.

Mirage was a similar story to Nuke. "forZe" was perfectly performing from the beginning, securing 7 wins in a row. But once again, "Sprout" started grinding back wins. They took 8 rounds back.

But the second half was a different story.

"forZe" looked completely dominant, and "Sprout" was starting to show cracks in their armour. "forZe" ended up winning 16-11.

It all came down to Inferno.

Once again, it was the same story. "forZe" taking an impressive early lead, winning 7 in a row. Then "Sprout" grinding back round win after round win. The half ended 9-6 to "forZe".

But just like Mirage, the "Sprout" composure was finally fading. "forZe" showed no signs of stopping and kept the pressure high.

"forZe" won the map 16-8 and become Copenhagen Games 2019 Champions!


CS:GO B Tournament

28 teams were in the B tournament in the group stage. Then it got narrowed down to 16 teams, who went on to playoffs and in the evening of the final day of Copenhagen Games, only two teams remained standing. "STEPxHYDR" and "AGF" – both Danish teams playing on home soil.

The final was a BO3, but only to maps were needed to decide the winner. First on Inferno, "AGF" had the upper hand but only with "STEPxHYDR" breathing down their neck. Therefore, the score of the first map became 16-11 in favour of "AGF".
Now it was all or nothing for STEPxHYDR in the second map, Train. But again, the same picture was painted – "AGF" was just that little better.

"AGF" took the victory of 16-13, thereby securing their two necessary maps to claim themselves the winner of the CS:GO B Tournament and the first prize of 10.000 DKK.


CS:GO C Tournament

The CS:GO C Tournament concluded with a close game between "Sørby Esport Main" & "Team NOVA Main". Both teams took a map off each other, but in the end "Sørby Esport Main" reminded victoriously!