Copenhagen Games

Don't Forget the Afterparty!

superunni // 6 months ago

Every year after the Grand Final of our Main Counter-Strike tournament; we end off Copenhagen Games with a BANG. Our famous - and infamous, afterparty!

This year we promise you an even more legendary party than the previous years. The main stage area will be turned into one giant party. Straight after the Grand Finals are done and the awards have been given out; the music will start flowing and the main stage will be transformed into a giant DJ stage!

We want everyone who has been part of the festival to join us for one last hurrah to celebrate gaming and the community. There will be everything desired for the night to truly become legendary. There will be a bar and before any of you ask; affordable prices! There will be loud music, flickering lights and smoke on the dance floor.

So, come join us in dancing until the break of dawn and just have an amazing time with old friends and new friends.

We can't wait to see everyone at Copenhagen Games 2019!

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