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CS:GO Ladies Prize Pool

superunni // 7 months ago

We're excited to share the prize pool distribution of our Ladies' CS:GO tournament at Copenhagen Games 2019!

The CS:GO tournament for ladies at Copenhagen Games has long been a big part of our identity and we're happy to announce that this year it's bigger than ever. We're proud to have one of the biggest ladies only CS tournaments in the world and in 2019 the prize pool to fight for is no less than 200,000 DKK!

As always, we make sure the girls of CS:GO get ample chance to show off their skills. Their dedicated stage is the same size as our main stage and they will have their very own stream team and casters to ensure the best coverage of the tournament. The ladies' tournament is also special by being 100 % non-BYOC - we supply the teams with state of the art PCs in their own dedicated area.

We can't wait to see what talented teams will be competing for the 130,000 DKK prize for the number 1 team!

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Total prize pool: 200,000 DKK

  1. 130,000 DKK

  2. 50,000 DKK

  3. 10,000 DKK

  4. 10,000 DKK


Tournament structure