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Cougar Gaming

Elizahr // 6 months ago

This year we are pleased to welcome Cougar Gaming to Copenhagen Games' booth area! Cougar Gaming will not only have their own booth but also have their own streaming area.


The booth

Cougar Gaming’s booth will be filled with their entire collection of cool gaming equipment, including a broad variety of keyboards, headsets, PC cases and much more! When you visit their booth, you will have the chance to try out their equipment as they have prepared whole setups of gaming PCs. Furthermore, Cougar Gaming will launch their newest product line and host giveaway campaigns and contests where you will have the chance to win lots of cool stuff!

If you have any questions in mind about the brand, the equipment, or their streaming area; Cougar Gaming’s crew are ready to fulfil your curiosity.


Streaming area

Cougar Gaming has also arranged one of the most awesome streaming areas during the event. For this special occasion, they have invited popular streamers and YouTubers from Scandinavia who will spend time hanging out with the guests while also streaming and giving pro tips. The streamers will be streaming in 4-hours slots and they also have access to their own lounge with couches and refreshments.

Moreover, Cougar Gaming will organize signing sessions for fans where you will get to meet your favorite streamer. They also plan to organize several workshops with some of the YouTubers, where you can get the best guidance or get inspired on how to become the next big YouTuber!

Are you interested to know more about Cougar Gaming before you get to meet them at Copenhagen Games? Check out their website and social media!