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CLG Red is your CG19 CS:GO Ladies champion

Elizahr // 4 months ago

The grand final of this year's Copenhagen Games CS:GO Ladies tournament had the two dominating finalists clashing together in front of the excited audience on Stage B. The teams qualified to the final was the American ladies from CLG Red and the European ladies from Assassins. With a 130.000 DKK (17.407 Euro) prize pool going to the champions of the final, everything was at stake for the two lineups.  

CLG Red had a good run the entire tournament, especially in the playoff rounds where they first beat Team Singularity FE 2-0, then Pensioners+2 with 2-0 and lastly Besiktas 2-1. 

Their opponents in the grand final, Assassins, also dominated in their BO3, as they managed to defeat Wildfire Female 2-0, plan-B esports 2-0 and Dignitas 2-0 before securing their spot in the grand final.

In the final, the two teams had to face off on Train (CLG Red's map) and Inferno (Assassins' map).



First map: Train

CLG Red really showed why they wanted to pick Train as their map. The ladies had an excellent start with great executions on their T-site before Assassins managed to take a few rounds. When the teams changed sides, CLG Red led the map 9-6. Even though CLG Red dictacted most of the outcome on Train, Assassins showed they never give up without a fight! 

Map result: CLG Red 16 - 10 Assassins

Second map: Nuke

After a strong performance on Train, nothing seemed to stand in CLG Red's way when it was time for the teams to face off on Nuke. CLG Red seemed nothing but calm, calculated and deeply focused from the very beginning. On the other hand, it seemed like Assassins had a hard time picking themselves up after the loss on Train. CLG Red dominated almost every round and within a short amount of time, they won their last map of the tournament and thereby the grand final.

Map result: CLG Red 16 - 5 Assassins


Congratulations to CLG Red for winning CS:GO Ladies at Copenhagen Games 2019!

Assassins will as runners up recieve 50.000 DKK (6.695 Euro).