Copenhagen Games

Capital Region of Denmark sponsors CG19

superunni // 6 months ago

Thousands of gamers from home and abroad travel to Copenhagen every Easter when Copenhagen Games opens its doors to the largest esports event on Danish soil.

For the 10th year in a row, Copenhagen Games begins - where Danish and international esports athletes and audiences from all over the country meet. This time, with the Capital Region of Denmark as a sponsor. The Capital Region of Denmark is backing the event Copenhagen Games 2019 with 1 million Danish kroner.

Copenhagen Games plays - with its abundance of international participants and guests - a part in putting a positive focus on the Capital Region as an attractive and innovative metropolis.

A focus on IT education

Through a string of initiatives, Copenhagen Games has been able to put a spotlight on education in the gaming environment. Among other things, Copenhagen Games hosts an exhibition addressing pupils to show them what opportunities are available to combine an education with an interest in gaming. This is something the Capital Region of Denmark supports.

“Esport is rapidly growing and it’s becoming a much more visible part of our society. Besides supporting a big event in entertainment, we want to back initiatives that can influence the youth to complete a secondary education or vocational training.” says Chairman of the Capital Region of Denmark; Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S). She continues:

“If we can get the young gamers to notice the options for a technical/vocational education such as information technology and programming; it makes so much sense for us to be a part of this. Lately we’ve also seen the Defence recruiting gamers for e.g. their pilot and Air Traffic Controller programs because of the gamers ability to multitask and keep an eye on the bigger picture. We need all abilities to come into play.”

Enthusiasts behind it all

Copenhagen Games is a community event where the motto has been “For gamers, by gamers” and it has grown to an international size.

“Even though the event as grown large; we’re still an event driven primarily by enthusiasts. We are passionate about esports and about what we’re doing, and we wouldn’t still be doing it if we didn’t have fun with it.” says Zahid Butt, CEO of Copenhagen Games. He continues:

“So we’re extremely excited for the backing of the Capital Region of Denmark. Not only because we need the support, but because we also see it as an acceptance of the large amount of work that we, as esports pioneers, have been doing over the years.”


Additional information:

  • Copenhagen Games is held from April 17th to 20th 2019.
  • Copenhagen Games is Denmark’s oldest esports event and is primarily based off voluntary workers. At the event you can experience live esports at a world-class level, participate in tournaments, and explore the many booths at the exhibition.
  • This year is Copenhagen Games’s anniversary, since it’s the 10th time the event is unfolding.
  • The main event in Copenhagen will, for the first time, be held at Lokomotivværkstedet.
  • The event is expected to attract 10.000 guests and 1500 participants from 25 countries, along with an expected 3 mil. viewers.
  • Read more about the event here.