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APEX Drone Racing at CG19

Imeralds // 6 months ago

This year at Copenhagen Games, you will be able to experience a variety of interesting stands, full of fun things to do throughout your day. One of the stands, which you will be able to interact with is APEX Drones. APEX Drones will take over the guest-area on Thursday the 18th of April, where you will be able to test-fly the drones and also try out some VR (Virtual Reality). And of course, all of this will be done with a lot of safety as it will be set up in a cage so no bystanders will get hit by a loose drone.


APEX Drone Racing is a company that wants to bring drone racing into the Danish homes by offering classes to both children, teenagers and adults.

The education is organized in such a way that the target group is children and teenagers as well as their parents. They will learn through design, building and flying med one's own mini-drone. During the time spend in the course, they hope the younger generation gains an understanding of the fundamental theories behind technologies such as; LiPo-battery technology, electric motors, 3D printing, programming, aerodynamics, radio frequencies etc.   

The education course will also teach the students in the class about the way we use drones in today society and how they will be used in the future, as well as the regulatory and security aspects of drone flying.


Drone racing could also be seen as an alternative within esports as the time, which might have been spent inside in front of a computer monitor, could instead be spent outside with family and friends.

If this sounds interesting to you or your family or if you just want to hear more about it, then stop by Copenhagen Games in your Easter holiday!

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