Copenhagen Games at Copenhagen Games 2018

Sui // 1 year ago, also known as “Det Blå Danmark” in Danish, is the world’s leading maritime education. has spent the last ten years campaigning LAN-events, to create awareness and to reach out to young people who aren't afraid of trying a different kind of education.

“We are always looking to reach out to young people, candidates for a maritime education. That’s why we go to these gaming events, events such as Copenhagen Games. It’s the perfect place to recruit or simply inform people of our education and what we stand for.” Says Sidsel Jess, Development Manager for Bruun & Partners.

We also asked Sidsel why they chose a gaming LAN-event to reach out and inform:

“Now, you might not think that maritime education and gaming have a lot in common but that’s where you'd be wrong. We offer a completely different approach to education. We're focusing on “Edutainment”, a mix of education and entertainment. We use role-playing and games to test students in real-life scenarios and to create a more realistic experience of the everyday tasks they might face in their professional lives.” Says Sidsel Jess.

Playing games is a big part of Over the past few years, they have been developing a board game named Seven Seas. The board game tours around Danish schools teaching children from 13 and up about maritime topics but also about cooperation and staying cool in stressful situations where you need to act fast.

Seven Seas has a national final as well where the 20 best schools will compete for the honour of calling themselves Seven Seas Champions 2018!

This passion for games, competitiveness and innovation is something Copenhagen Games can recognize in our gamers as well which is why we are so happy to have attending our event. We hope our guests will swing by Worldcareers and have a chat or perhaps just an fun game of air hockey!