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Winner, Winner, chicken dinner!

Sui // 1 year ago

Copenhagen Games, together with XpulZ and L33T, are proud to present the biggest prize-pool in a PlayerUnknown's Battleground tournament on Danish soil! PUBG has never been at Copenhagen Games before and so we asked Lonnie “Sparkler” Kristensen, PUBG Administrator at Copenhagen Games, how she thinks the tournament and event have gone:

“We’ve worked really hard to make this event happen and I think that the tournament has been going really well. We did have a minor network problem on Thursday but since then it has been running smooth. The atmosphere is great and having the guys from XpulZ on site as well is amazing.” Says Lonnie “Sparkler” Kristensen.

Two tournaments will be held in PUBG. The Duos had their final game on Thursday and first place went to Spirit of Amiga which consists of Crashjack and Vamosalaplaya. The lucky winners are now the proud owners of two new E-SPORT L33T Gaming Chairs and the title of PUBG Duo champions. Second place went to Copenhagen Flames consisting of noiizE and hamster and third place went to Team Singularity consisting of MrJacob and Teabone.

A lot of teams signed up to play in the Squads tournament. One team from Sweden, one from Norway and a massive sixteen teams from Denmark! At the time of this article, the top-3 consists of Copenhagen Flames, Sørby sector5 and De uheldige helte - only a few points separate first from third. The biggest surprise is Sørby sector5. They entered as a virtually unknown team but now find themselves in second place just above De uheldige helte, a team of Danish top-players.

We asked Sørby sector5, which has an average age of 17, how it feels to be among the best team and if they predicted this success when they signed up:

“Our expectations weren’t that high to begin with because we had to use a stand-in for our in-game leader who went on vacation. Still, I had some confidence in us because we played in another tournament recently and placed second. Of course, with a new player, it can be scary, but we quickly learned that Felix” Men0xx” Myhr is a great in-game leader. We were actually in first place at some point yesterday, that gave us a giant confidence boost. We believe we have what it takes to win. We wish to prove that our second place isn’t just luck”, says Markus” rAsk” Rask.

The winners of the SQUAD-final will take home a prize-pool of 27,000 DKK but will also have the opportunity to win an additional 3,000 DKK for getting most kills in the final game. But that’s not the most exciting part. The winner will also take home the ultimate Playerunknown's Battlegrounds trophy, the impenetrable BUTT-PAN!

No matter who wins today’s PUBG Squad-final, we have been very happy to have such an amazing PUBG tournament at Copenhagen Games 2018.

Prize-pool for Squads:

  • 1st – 27,000 DKK
  • 2nd – 15,000 DKK
  • 3rd – 5,000 DKK

The team with the most kills in the finals will win 3,000 DKK
Prize-pool for Duos:

  • 1st – 2 x E-SPORT L33T Gaming Chairs
  • 2nd – 2 x Blackwidow Chroma v2 (yellow switches)
  • 3rd – 2 x Goliathus Extended Mousemats