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Tournament Results

Sui // 1 year ago

Hearthstone Final 2018

The topdecks were real when the when the final between Alexnoeth and Slugg were played. The game was intense but in the end, Alexnoerh became our new champion with the score Alexnoerh 3-2 Slugg. First place won 1,500 DKK

ATEA EDU CUP CS:GO Tournament 2018

HQsted faced off against eACD.Hype but even though they claimed the first map, they couldn't hold off eACD.Hype who won 2-1. As the winners, they take home 10,000 DKK and 10 tickets for NetParty Fyn. Hardware prices were distributed among the top three finishers, they included: 5x logitec keyboards G810, 5x logitec headset G533 and 5x logitec mouse G502. 

Rainbow Six Siege Tournament 2018

Benjamaster's disciples beat Jegner in the R6-Tournament. The first map was played on Oregon where Benjamasters disciples took the map 5-3 in overtime. The second map, Coastline, was close to going into overtime but Benjamaster's disciples took the map 4-2. Congratulations to Benjamasters disciples on their grand victory.

FIFA Tournament 2018

Mikkel Hjorth Bach claimed the first prize of 10,000 DKK in the FIFA tournament, defending his title from the year before.


Campus Bambus claimed the title and the 10,000 DKK in a final win over Toppen e-Sport 1. Toppen e-Sport 1 receive 6.000 DKK while GSC Sharks LoL in third place get 2.000 DKK. They also get 5x logitec keyboards G810, 5x logitec headset G533 and 5x logitec mouse G502. They will receive 10 tickets for NetParty Fyn as well.

Starcraft 2 Tournament 2018

First place went to Lillekanin who claimed the 1,050 DKK first prize and an Ornata Chroma Nordics keyboard plus a Leetpack. On second place was Spazymazy with an 840 DKK prize and a Kraken Pro V2 headset while Spacemarine got the thirds prize of 660 DKK along with a Naga Hex mouse. PappiJoe claimed fourth place with 480 DKK and a Mamba mouse.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tournament 2018

The winner of the biggest PUBG tournament ever held on Danish soil is De uheldige helte with a total score of 2166. In second place were Kamel-Rytterne with 1982 points. Third place, Singularity, and fourth place, Copenhagen Flames, tied with 1780 points. The winner receives 27,000 DKK.

League of Legends Tournament 2018

Sørbye esport beat Good Game Esport to claim the 12,000 DKK main prize while Good Game got 6,000 DKK. Roligan Esport came in third and got 2,000 DKK. They all receive five tickets for EU LCS Spring finals in Royal Arena.

Team Fortress 2 Tournament 2018

Ascenchilada played MGE CHAD and won 5-0 in the 6v6 GRAND FINAL. They received 1,600€ for the victory. In the HIGHLANDER tournament Strong Opinions won 3-0 well fought game against twitched. They also receive 1,600€ for their win!

Edit: We have been notified of some inaccuracies regarding the prizes indicated. We refer to the tournament pages for accurate listing of prizes in all circumstances.