Copenhagen Games

The Guest Experience

Sui // 1 year ago

Copenhagen Games isn't just an event for international top players and hopeful challengers. It's also for anyone who wishes to experience top quality esport and exciting games live or perhaps just enjoy themselves in our expo areas or with one of our many sponsor activities. Our beloved guests are more important to us than anything, they're the ones who cheer, laugh and who bring our unique atmosphere to Copenhagen Games.

We talked with Copenhagen Games owner and CEO, Zahid Butt, about why guests should stop by Bella Center Copenhagen this Easter:

“You come to Copenhagen Games for the complete gaming experience. There are many different activities in the halls for our guests to enjoy. You can of course watch top esport, since there are several big tournaments going on - including the world’s largest female tournament, but we also have a sea of stands with competitions and other activities for guests to try. We can’t reveal too much about these activities yet but there will for certain be console games to try, fun and interactive competitions from out sponsor and loads of new IT products to see.”

But don’t just take it from Zahid - take it from Katja! Katja Korshøj was a guest for the first time at Copenhagen Games last year. She was there as the manager for her 15-year-old son, who was participating in the Heartstone tournament, and for her it was a memorable experience:

“My experience last year was really great - it’s the biggest esport event I’ve ever been to in Denmark! I thought the atmosphere was fantastic and there were some great stands with exciting events going on. I especially remember the big stage and the big finals in Counter Strike. Me and my son don’t even play Counter-Strike, we just found it really cool with the light and the setup and the excitement. And I especially remember the 3 Mobile stands that had a Counter-Strike tournament which they showed on some big screens. People could just stand in line to play 1on1, that was really cool.”

Last year, where Katja was guest, we had around 6000 guests but this year we're expecting as many as 10,000 guests for Copenhagen Games at Bella Center Copenhagen! Katja, as a mother coming with her son, is a prime example of the new type of guest we've been seeing these past years:

“A few years back our guests where mostly young gaming enthusiasts but the last two years we've seen more and more parents coming with their children from as low as 6 years old . Last year I was even surprised to see grandparents with their grandchildren! Copenhagen Games is becoming a place for family outings but the young gamers are of course still there,” explains Zahid Butt.

For those young gamers – the ones over 18, mind you – there is also another significant reason to show up at Copenhagen Games:

“Well, it's no secret that on the last day of Copenhagen Games, after the grand final, everyone - players and staff alike - gathers for our famous after party. Our after party is simply – and I don't use that word lightly – legendary!”, laughs Zahid Butt.

But that won’t be the reason for Katja Korshøj’s reappearance at this year’s event:

“We are definitely coming to Copenhagen Games again this year – if so there's a Heartstone tournament but it hasn’t been announced yet. If not, we will maybe just settle for a one day visit.”

Well, Katja, since we just announced our Hearthstone tournament, we'll look forward to seeing you and everyone else in Bella Center Copenhagen very soon!