Copenhagen Games

Scouting Grounds brings top-class LoL players

Sui // 1 year ago

This year at Copenhagen Games, Red Bull Esport will be sponsoring Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds in League of Legends. This means that visitors at Copenhagen Games will have the unique chance to see world class League of Legends players battle it out on one of the main stages at Copenhagen Games!

The competing players are on the verge to either be signed by Challenger level teams or have recently left one to pursue new opportunities. Scouting Grounds has been created to give top tier Diamond and Master players a chance to shine and this is one of the best ways for them to showcase their talent! Only the very best players in Europe will be eligible for selection and the lineup will be announced on Friday 9 March.

The ten competing players will not only compete in Scouting Grounds but will also have coaches provided to them by Copenhagen Flames and be educated about the life of a professional esport athlete by actual player agents.

Developing new talent and showcasing it has always been important for Red Bull Esport. Esport has been a growing sector for them the past years and that's is why they want to keep pushing esport the way they are. Red Bull Esports wants to bring us the future of Esport.

Red Bull Esport will stream the entire Bo5 match together with Copenhagen Flames which will be played on stage on Wednesday 28 March from 17:00 to approximately 22.00. The live stream can be found on Red Bull Esport’s Twitch channel, as well as on Copenhagen Flames' and Copenhagen Games’ Twitch accounts.