Copenhagen Games


Sui // 1 year ago

RES GAMING line up

  • zAAz
  • juliano
  • Potter
  • vilga
  • ant1ka

Singularity FE

  • Sophia (Kim)
  • iLLa
  • Petra
  • KllyVe
  • Candy

Map 1 – Inferno

Singularity FE started out as CT on Inferno and won a close gun round, immediately taking the next two rounds as well. All in all, Singularity FE never had much trouble dominating RES GAMING on Inferno. Surprisingly, RES GAMING won the fourth round despite saving but it was short lived. The next six rounds went in favor of the counter terrorists, causing RES to call a tactical break. That seemed to help, RES took the following round and brought the score to 9-2. The joy was short lived, though, since the next three rounds went to Singularity. Once again RES GAMING won an eco round, going in to the halftime on a positive note, though with a score of 12-3 to Singularity it wasn't too convincing. RES needed a strong start after the switch but they didn't get it. Singularity easily took the gun round and the map one was all but over. The last three rounds were quickly won with easy plants and strong defenses.

Singularity won first map 16-3.

Map 2 - Mirage

Many feared a quick final and an easy win but RES weren't done by a long shot. Singularity once again started on CT and seemed to have a comfortable upper hand through the first half never truly letting RES into the game. Singularity took the pistol round and the second round but the third round went to RES with a strong plant and defend. RES managed to plant the next two rounds but succesful retakes followed and especially Candy played tremendously securing Singularity a solid 7-3 lead with a personal kill death-ratio of impressive 20-3. RES GAMING courageously fought back but still trailed at half time 6-9. However, RES continued the streak after the switch by taking the pistol round as counter terrorist. From there, they never looked back. Soon they got their first lead and expanded it 12-9. Then momentum seemed to switch again and rounds went back and forth until the score was tied at 14-14. Two close rounds followed but Singularity FE couldn't make the crucial shots and RES GAMING took home the last two rounds for a 16-14 win.

Map 3 – Cache

A third map was needed to decide the Samsung CS:GO Ladies winner 2018. That battle took place on Cache which RES GAMING seemed to be pretty happy about. They started very strong and got seven quick wins to establish a solid lead. Finally Singularity pulled off a retake and got on the scoreboard in the eights round. They kept the momentum going and Singularity FE started to look like they had figured RES out. They pulled off an eight round streak and suddenly had an 8-7 lead. They had all the momentum in the world going into the last switch.

RES wasn't going down without a fight, though, and they tied the score by securing the pistol as terrorists. The crowd was enthralled at this point, it was CS as its absolute best. Momentum kept changing, each kill was quickly answered. But then the air seemed to leave RES GAMING when they lost a very close round at 14-10 and now Singularity FE had match point at 10-15.

zAAz from RES was the first to go down in the final round, Singularity had taken down the most crucial RES-player before the round had even truly begun. A fierce fight ensued on B ending up with juliano as the last woman standing for RES GAMING. She never had a chance and was mercilessly gunned down to the roars of the crowd. Singularity FE could finally call themselves champions of the SAMSUNG Ladies Copenhagen Games 2018 tournament. They weren't among the favourites from the start but as the tournament progressed, they proved to be the absolute best.

Singularity FE is crowned new champion of Copenhagen Games 2018 and is awarded the first prize of 15,000$. Congratulations to our new champions!