Copenhagen Games

SAMSUNG Ladies' Caster Interview

Sui // 1 year ago

We're expanding our casting talent to include Joshua “BurntSanctuary” Keller and James “BanKs” Banks. This will give us even better options when it comes to covering our event in general but not least they bring a lot of knowledge and expertise about Ladies' CS:GO to the table. 

The SAMSUNG CS:GO Ladies tournament, often seen as the biggest of its kind in the world, is something we’re very proud of. We’ve always enjoyed supporting and hosting ladies’ CS:GO and we’re very happy to see SAMSUNG return as the tournament sponsor this year again. The best teams in the world return to Copenhagen and they bring a very special brand of passion and entertainment that everyone should check out.

Guests and fans can see the main tournament matches on one of our two main stages and we’ll also be streaming the event live. We had a talk with Joshua about the tournament, the venue and the lineup.

Joshua is one of the most knowledgeable experts when it comes to ladies’ CS:GO, he has followed the scene closely for a long time and has come to especially appreciate its community and passion.

"I've been working with the ladies' scene for a long time, it was how I started my casting career. To me, the special thing about esport and gaming is the community - it's so open and inclusive and this certainly applies to the ladies' scene. There's such a wonderful community around female CS."

This experience is certainly something we can recognise in our organisation where we’ve seen year after year how the ladies' scene produces top entertainment and highly passionate players and teams. Our main tournament lineup may be stronger but there’s something special to enjoy about ladies’ CS - it’s really more of an alternative than a different tier to the main tournament.

"Of course, the main tournament at Copenhagen Games features stronger teams technically speaking but female CS:GO is highly entertaining with very exciting matches. I just came back from China where I hosted the WESG World Finals and it was an amazing tournament. I think it will be the same at Copenhagen Games - it usually is.”

We’ll be looking forward to seeing old friends and new exciting teams this year. Over time, Copenhagen Games has established itself as a true staple on the top ladies’ circuit and that’s not least because of the role it plays in building and developing the community, Joshua says.

“Copenhagen Games is special because so many teams can play there. It serves as proving grounds and a gateway for up and coming teams. It's in that way very important to the community."

So what should we expect from this year’s tournament? Who are the favourites and what should you be looking out for if you’re a fan or just curious about ladies’ CS? Our two time defending champions from Team Secret now play as RES Gaming but they are back to defend their crown. This year, there’s a very serious challenger waiting, though.

"This year, everyone will be watching RES and Dignitas. Dignitas was the team that finally beat invincible RES (formerly Team Secret) who had otherwise been undefeated in every LAN event they attended since the Intel Challenge of 2016. The question on everybody's mind will be: was that a one-off or is there a new top team in female CS? Copenhagen Games might well offer an answer."

Remember, if you haven’t bought your ticket for Copenhagen Games, there’s still time. Guest tickets will be selling throughout the event but participants only have a few more days to buy their seats!