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Razer at Copenhagen Games 2018

Sui // 3 years ago

All gamers recognise the green, triple-headed snake that is the trademark of Razer, the world’s leading lifestyle brand for gamers. It has been an icon, a symbol of gaming since the very birth of esports. Therefore, we are very pleased to announce that this triple-headed snake will indeed present be at Copenhagen Games 2018 and it's bringing a variety of treats for gamers and enthusiasts alike!

Razer has since their beginning in 2005 been one of the pioneers of esports worldwide. They have built a gamer-focused ecosystem of hardware, software and services and have teams like SK Gaming under their wings. In other words, Razer is already completely committed to esports and highly community focused which is why partnering with Copenhagen Games was such an obvious choice, according to Thomas Nielsen, PR Specialist at Razer:

“Copenhagen Games is the biggest event of its kind in Denmark attracting a varied audience of gamers. At Razer we have always striven to make the very best products for all genres and platforms allowing gamers to hit those critical combos with our arcadesticks, game winning precision shots with our mice and enjoy media in stunning 120Hz on the Razer Phone. Therefore, being part of an event like Copenhagen Games, that celebrates all facets of gaming, seemed like an obvious choice.”

At Copenhagen Games we are very proud to have a partner like Razer - a partner who is as interested in the future of esports and the gaming community as we are ourselves. We are very excited to see what they bring to our 2018 event and so should our beloved guests be:

“We are bringing the Razer bus to this event which will allow attendees to try our full range of Razer products including our Blade laptops and the Razer Phone. Gamers who visit the Razer bus will also be able to participate in competitions and win cool prizes,” promises Razer’s Thomas Nielsen.

Remember, you too can partake in all the fun of Copenhagen Games this Easter. Tickets are still available but don't hesitate, get your ticket now! We'll see you there, fellow gaming-enthusiasts!