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New CS:GO-structure – with prize pool for B-tournament

Sui // 3 years ago

This year at Copenhagen Games, we have made some exciting changes to our Waoo CS:GO main tournament. Not only is the structure of the tournament quite different from previous years, leaning towards the structure of international and professional tournaments, we have also added a prize pool of 20,000 DKK to our B-tournament!

What exactly is the B-tournament, though? We asked Kasper Østergaard, Head of Esports at Copenhagen Games, to explain:

“This year we have a very large qualification tournament which is open to all. The four best teams from this open qualifier go on to the main tournament bracket where they will meet our four invited teams and play for the big money. However, all the teams who don’t qualify go on to the B-tournament, if they so choose and we're hoping they will.”

There are more reasons than ever to play the B-tournament this year. For the first time, Copenhagen Games is adding a prize pool to the B-tournament which is a deeply satisfying step, says Kasper Østergaard:

“Typically, there hasn't been much focus on our B-tournament which is a shame because there are really so many great and dedicated teams in there. That's why we wanted to give these teams an incentive to play through the B tournament, should they fail to qualify from the Open qualifier, and that's why we've added the 20,000 DKK prize pool and additional hardware prizes as well.”

On top of this new prize pool, the overall tournament structure has also been changed. This has been done to accommodate the higher grade professional teams but without compromising our community-focused open tournament. We want all our participants to have a shot at the more than 600,000 DKK main tournament prize pool:

“It's different this year because the structure of the tournament is much more geared towards professional teams. We're trying to accommodate the top teams by leaning towards a tournament structure they are more familiar with, a more modern approach to tournament scheduling. In the past, our main tournament was relatively lengthy and required a lot of matches to be played over a relatively short period of time. This simply isn't compatible with the busy, high pressure schedule of top-level professional teams in CS:GO today and we recognise that. With this new tournament structure, we can give the top teams a more doable schedule while still giving our open qualifiers the chance to go all the way and potentially win the entire tournament. We wanted to keep this tradition alive, we want to give our open qualifiers the chance to meet and beat the top teams, to surprise us, to make it all the way through”, Kasper Østergard explains.

If you dream of being this surprise team, the team that beats Team North or another top-tier invite in the main tournament finale, it's not too late. You and your team can still sign up to be among the 64 teams to play the open qualification tournament and even if don't qualify, there's still something substantial to play for in the B-tournament.

If you want to learn more about our new CS:GO-tournament structure and be updated on the invited teams as they are announced, check out our tournament page here.


Thursday 29th March

  • 10.00: Qualifier starts
  • 15.00: Qualifier playoffs starts
Friday 30th March
  • 10.00: Main tournament initial rounds starts
  • 10.00: B-tournament starts
Saturday 31th March
  • 12.30: Main tournament semifinal 1
  • 16.00: Main tournament semifinal 2
  • 20.00: Main tournament Grand Final
  • TBA: B-tournament continues
  • TBA: B-tournament final