Copenhagen Games

NPF sponsors first prize in EDU CUP LIVE

Sui // 3 years ago

We're happy to announce the first prizes for EDU CUP LIVE LoL and CS:GO! Our friends and partners NetParty Fyn have generously decided to give 10 tickets for their 2018 LAN event to the winning team of each competition - five tickets to the team itself and five tickets to their respective school.

This prize has a cash value of nearly 6000 DKK! The winning teams can look forward to spending the weekend of 12 to 14 October gaming with friends new and old, watching stand-up or competing in a wide variety of things like gulping down Cocio, Rocket League and of course CS:GO and LOL.

Don't forget, there are still tickets available for our EDU CUP LIVE-tournaments at Copenhagen Games! So if you and your school team want the chance to win tickets for NetParty Fyn 2018 and to play in front of thousands of cheering spectators at Copenhagen Games, this is the time to strike.

EDU CUP LIVE is our exclusive tournament for school teams at Copenhagen Games where any kind of school – be it primary school or university – is welcome to participate.

The lucky – and by that we mean hardworking – winners of EDU CUP LIVE naturally won't be allowed to sell, transfer or convert the prize tickets – but why would they? Did we mention you could compete in gulping down Cocio?!