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Ladies, ladies, ladies…

Sui // 1 year ago

The CS:GO Ladies’ tournament is off to a remarkable if slightly lob-sided start. All games have gone 2-0 which is kind of unusual but it goes to show just how strong the strongest teams are this year. Many analysts consider RES Gaming and Team Dignitas the favourites and considering today's results, they may well be proven right.

RES Gaming had their first game against TSV Ofterheim eSport. The two maps picked were cache and mirage. RES Gaming took both maps with the comfortable scores 16-2 and 16-6. It seemed like TSV Ofterheim eSport never got a fighting chance.

The same sort of story repeated itself in Team Dignitas vs XTC. The maps picked were cache and train. It looked like no matter what XTC tried to do, it was never going to be their day. Team Dignitas started incredibly well on both maps and claimed them comfortably 16-4.

These were two powerhouse performances from the two favourites, it was food for thought for me. There was something striking about the matches, or more accurately about the map choices. I went through all the maps selected on the first day and had my suspicions confirmed: strongest teams in the Ladies’ tournament had chosen exactly the same map as their male counterparts. Cache seemed to be the clear favourite for winning teams with inferno coming in a close second. Cache seems to be the new de_dust2 for pro-players indeed.

In the end, the Ladies’ tournament had a somewhat predictable first day. A lot of emotion and passion but in the end, favoured teams won comfortably in all games. Tomorrow will be different, though. Fewer and stronger teams remain, favourites will clash and the all action will be on the main stages.

I personally cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!