Copenhagen Games

Heroic vs. Sprout Esports

Sui // 1 year ago

This evening's gunfight between our invited team Heroic and the German challengers Sprout Esports has ended. It resulted in two nerve-wrecking and close maps and a third map was needed to decide the drama.

Heroic lineup

  • Snappi
  • niko
  • es3tag – filling in for JUGi

Sprout Esports lineup

  • innocent
  • denis
  • Spiidi
  • NaToSaphiX

Map 1 – Cobblestone

With Heroic in the player lounge and Sprout Esports in their seats in section G, the game was ready to begin. Heroic took the pistol round as counter terrorist and the next two rounds followed quickly. But then Heroic paused the game for the next half an hour due to sound problems for MODDII.

When MODDII was ready once again, the Germans had clearly benefited from the interruption. They showed great tactical play managing to plant the bomb in every following round which allowed them to catch up to Heroic and tie the score of 6-6. From that point on, Sprout did something - adjusted their sights, their tactics something. They never looked bad an raced to a 9-6 lead.

Heroic won the pistol round once again along with the obligatory next two rounds to tie at 9-9. Momentum kept changing but after one more tie at 11-11, Sprout was done. They ran out of energy and Heoric claimed all the remaining rounds to win 16-11. This in spite of the top fragger being Polish 'innocent' from Sprout.

Map 2 – Overpass

Heroic, starting as T, were superior once again in the pistol round but this advantage was wiped right away by Sprout who took the next three rounds - the third through an ace from Danish NaToSaphix who came into his own this map and played marvelously. But no longer would Heroic be dominated. They got a solid plant round and afterwards Snappi nuked Sprout’s kRYSTAL in a 1v1. The score was now 3-3. Soon it was 6-6 but tsolid recapture and accurate shooting from Sprout Esports secured them the next three rounds and they once again went to half time in front 6-9 - NaToSaphix with a kill-death ratio of 22-8.

Heroic started their CT round by winning the pistol round by once again Sprout quickly answered back with a solid plant and great defense. The match kept shifting back and forth but when Sprout won a crucial eco round to make the score 13-10 in their favor, they had the psychological advantage. They never looked back and the map ended 16-13 in favour of Sprout Esports.

Map 3 – Mirage

To find a winner, a third map was needed. It didn’t take long to settle though. For the first time in the game Sprout won a pistol round and dominated the entire match from that point on. Especially denis from Sprout came into his own and was top fragger with no less than 24 kills. At half time the score was an extremely lopsided 13-2 in favour of Sprout Esports. The match was all but settled and Sprout didn’t have any trouble closing the match out 16-2.

Thus, the Danish invite team Heroic was beating by the German challengers from team Sprout Esport. The Sprout camp was ecstatic and coach 'tow b' had nothing but kind words for his boys' performance:

“The reason we won is hard work and that we played really well individually today. All players performed really well today and we played well as a team.”

But this recent success hasn’t gotten to their heads quite yet:

“We always hope to go all the way. If we play like today we can win this, even though Heoric was kind of weakened. They are missing JUGi and so I won’t overrate our performance – but I think we can get really far,” says Sprout Esports coach 'tow b'.