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Help us fight cancer at Copenhagen Games 2018

Sui // 1 year ago

Most people are affected by cancer one way or another in their lifetime. It's a tragic illness that touches all and reaches far and wide. That's why Copenhagen Games is so proud to announce our collaboration with Danish Cancer Society and renowned streamer Fjallefar at this year's event where we'll be hosting a charity stream with special focus on supporting children and young people in the fight against cancer.

We spoke with Lise Atzen Bjerregaard, head of events for Danish Cancer Society about our collaboration and the value of working with esport:

Danish Cancer Society has had esport on the drawing board the last couple of years. We are very proud to be working with Copenhagen Games and we're happy to raise money and awareness about cancer and to support children and young people especially. Esport is the new national passtime and the value of connecting that with cancer awareness is obvious to us. Cancer is a matter of public interest and it's something that touches everyone at some point in their lives. Therefore, throughout the event, attention will be focused on supporting children and young people through various efforts and to spread awareness. Apart from the charity stream, we also invite people to simply stop by the Danish Cancer Society stand for a quick chat or perhaps to get crucial information.”

Everyone who knows Fjallefar knows that he lost his mother to cancer last year and that this touched him deeply. After her passing, he wanted to do something good for others in her name and so he did. He first did a charity stream on Twitch where children and young people gathered in front of their computer screens to share stories about their nearest and dearest who had been or were affected in some way by cancer. In this manner, Fjallefar helped raise a lot of money for a very good cause and he's still going, the fight isn't over.

We asked Fjallefar, also known as Foad Darwich, about working with Danish Cancer Society and how it feels to represent them at Copenhagen Games:

“When Danish Cancer Society contacted me and asked if I wanted to stream for them at Copenhagen Games, I felt proud. I have always been passionate about streaming and it’s something I really love to do. It’s a great honor for me, personally, to be asked, because I think we should talk to young people about cancer and help spread awareness.”

It also surprised Foad how many people came and shared their own stories with him on his first charity stream on Twitch.

“The extent to which people donated and shared their own stories really hit me. You could really feel how many had been affected by cancer. That I could combine streaming with a charity like that, as well as reach out to young people and really create awareness about cancer, that was amazing to me. That’s also why streaming at Copenhagen Games is so important. People can watch it at home and donate but also come to the event live and see use there.” Says Foad Darwich.

If you have yet to purchase your ticket, remember that you can donate to the fight against cancer during the purchasing process. We are looking forward to seeing Danish Cancer Society and Fjallefar at this year’s Copenhagen Games and we hope to see many people donating to this crucial cause!