Copenhagen Games

Free game for the first 3,000 guests at Copenhagen Games!

Sui // 1 year ago

Good news for the early birds at Copenhagen Games 2018! The first 3,000 guests and participants to arrive get a copy of the game Minion Masters for FREE - the Premium 21.99€ edit, it should be be noted.

With this offer, BetaDwarf is reaching out to our Copenhagen Games community which we're thrilled to see. Indie developers are important to the health of the gaming ecosystem and we love having them visit our event and showcase their ideas and products. You might know BetaDwarf from their previous game ‘FORCED’ or maybe you've heard the incredible start-up story behind the company. BetaDwarf started as just a couple of guys developing games in secret in an university classroom and now they are releasing innovative games to an ever-growing community. That is passion we recognize and appreciate!

Minion Masters: Forced to duel’ is a new fast paced strategy game from the duo. Choose your legendary Minion Master and build your army of mighty Minions to play 1on1 or 2on2 with other players online. Capture bridges, evolve your Master and unlock unique powers, minions and spells to create your very own strategy out of thousands of possibilities. Minion Masters is relatively simple, it’s strategic, it’s fast-paced and it’s fun!

So make sure to be among the first 3,000 to arrive at Copenhagen Games this year and get Minion Masters for free! And when you have secured the game, make sure to sign up for BetaDwarf’s newsletter here to get monthly free coupon gifts for the game as well.