Copenhagen Games

Floor Plan Is Made Public

Sui // 3 years ago

Have you ever had so much space you didn't know what to do with it? Well, neither have we but we're getting closer!

This year, it's never been more exciting to be a partner of Copenhagen Games and this floor plan should give you an idea as to why that is. We have no less than five areas dedicated to expos, sponsors and stalls! On the floor plan, these areas are marked by red lines and corresponding numbers, as you can se below this paragraph.

Copehagen Games 2018 Map

With far more players than ever before and far more visitors in the audience, our partners and sponsors have better conditions and more exposure than we've ever provided before. We're super-excited to arrange what to do with all this fantastic space with all you potential partners out there, so we encourage you to get in touch sooner rather than later - a lot of interest has already been shown since the unveiling of our new location a week ago.

We always strive to find the best solution with any partner, be they big or small, and we pride ourselves with our ability to fit in any size of ambition, financing plan and type in our event. Copenhagen Games always had an inclusive profile, towards players and partners alike, and this year we have more opportunities than ever before to explore and experiment. So don't hesitate but get in touch now!

Now, let it be said immediately: this floor plan is preliminary or at least very early and it's subject to change further down the road, of course. However, it should more than serve to show potential partners, players and the curious in general what our ambitions for the 2018 event will be like.

And don't forget, we open ticket sales on November 6 - it's getting close, people!