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FirmaCS finals to Copenhagen Games 2018

Sui // 1 year ago

The business company tournament – FirmaCS – has finally made its way to Copenhagen Games. There are four teams remaining, ready to take each other on to win the grand prize of 20,000 DKK.

On the 28th of March, the finales in FirmaCS will be held. It has been a long journey for the teams. They started out being 74 teams, and now only four teams are left. It has been two months since they started their fight to become the best company in CS:GO, and now only in a few days the winner will be decided.

The last four teams standing are Webstarters, DR Licens, DPL Admins and Webhelp Denmark. Only one of them can be victorious and claim themselves to be the best of the best! The game is really on this year, as none of the semi-finalists has never won before.

The first semi-final will be between Webstarters, who has shown amazing teamplay, and DR Licens, who has proven to everyone that they really know how to play, even if it has been a long battle to get where they are now. The second semi-final will be between DPL Admins, with a team full of experienced CS:GO nerds, and Webhelp Denmark A/S, who has come up amazing analytics to beat every other team.

On the first day of Copenhagen Games, there is no doubt, the games in the FirmaCS-finale will be incredible. We asked Jens “NoLimit” Mortensen, tournament responsible, how he feels about FirmaCS being at Copenhagen Games this year:

“With the finales taking place at Copenhagen Games is a major experience for FirmaCS. The final four teams in FirmaCS and the guests, attending the event, will experience the most amazing LAN-atmosphere that you could wish for.”

Copenhagen Games 2018 is certainly not something the attending teams will ever forget:

“There will be a giant scene setup, with a big livestream production, conferences and stands from different companies and loads of other great activities throughout the days. I cannot wait to see some great games being played on the big stage!” says Jens Mortensen.

The excitement is also shared by godfather and CEO of Copenhagen games Zahid “sui” Butt.

“It’s super cool, that we together with Waoo, have been able to get the whole Wednesday at Copenhagen Games to be about the business industry. It’s a great opportunity for us to have the finales in Counter-Strike for companies. These are the four best business teams, who must compete for the trophy, money, and prestige. They have something to live up too after the company Esport Service has won the last two seasons.” Says Zahid Butt.

It’s not only the CEO, Zahid Butt and Jens Mortensen that’s hyped about the finales, of course, the teams are too. It’s going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and none of the teams can wait to be at Copenhagen Games 2018. It will truly be exciting to see who will stand victorious with the trophy in hand!