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EduCup and Bosei: learning through eSport

Sui // 1 year ago

There are plenty of ways to approach and educate about eSport. The traditional approach might be to teach technical ability and self-motivation but there are also aspects such as social capacity, communication skills and branding that an eSport athlete needs to master today. At Bosei Idrætshøjskole, they approach gaming and eSport very differently than most and we had a talk with Martin Eckhaus about what it is they do.

“We believe that our students can learn about themselves while they learn about their games, that’s really at the core of our approach. Learning to master a technique can sometimes leave players without the ability to work in a team, to work with adversity and to understand the broader implications of competition. Whether students go on to compete at a high level or if they go on to lead very different lives, these are all aspects that they need to understand and master.”

Bosei targets young adults and aim to broaden their understanding of themselves, of their games and the social environment in which they function. For the pro player, this can help them understand how they work best in a team, how they’re perceived by potential sponsors or teams and how they can improve their attractiveness to both. For a casual gaming enthusiast, it gives them a way to learn life skills through a favourite hobby which is something we could all use. At Copenhagen Games, both the top athlete as well as the casual enthusiast are present and so Martin Eckhaus sees a natural connection.

“What we like about Copenhagen Games is its social awareness, outreach and dedication to the entire gaming scene and not only the professional aspect of it. In Denmark, we have great and admirable aspirations about being part of the world eSport elite but to do that we have to focus on more than just technique, we have to get the best teams, the most well-balanced and commercially attractive individuals. That’s why we have an stall at Copenhagen Games, to attract and excite players and visitors alike and to give them a different approach to eSports than perhaps they thought existed.”

We at Copenhagen Games always believed in a broad outreach and that it’s important to support and invest in a healthy gaming community. We’re very excited to see Bosei’s approach represented at Copenhagen Games 2018 and visitors and players alike should definitely check them out!