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EDU Cup and Game College: A Perfect Mix

Sui // 3 years ago

Greenaa Game College offers young talent the chance to explore the world of gaming during their formative, secondary school years. They’re offered the chance to learn about different aspects of computer gaming, whether it be as an athlete, a developer or in an associated business like promotion or event management while still attending regular school activities. This unique and innovative approach to gaming and education has led Greenaa Game College to work with Copenhagen Games, says Søren Hansen.

“It’s a fantastic time for gaming in general, not least in Denmark. We’re seeing several top tier tournaments on Danish soil these days but for us Copenhagen Games was the top choice because of the breadth of their event and their involvement in a all aspects of the gaming community. Copenhagen Games allows our students to explore competitive gaming, game development and also gain insight into the economic and logistic work behind a major event like this. That’s all of our core focal points so we consider it a perfect match, really.”

Copenhagen Games is more than an invite only, top tier tournament and also includes and open portion of our main tournaments, a large variety of represented games and also allows for conferences and expos by game developers and educations alike. Now, with EDU Cup, Copenhagen Games is getting closer to the community at an even younger age and Greenaa Game College is heavily involved.

“At the least, we’re sending CS:GO, LoL and Hearthstone competitors to EDU Cup itself but we’ll also have a team competing in the main tournament. Our students will have the chance to test their mettle against the very best and we’re thrilled at that opportunity. Furthermore we’ll be present with an expo area in Bella Center throughout the event where we hope to spread awareness of our educational opportunities to young visitors, interested parents and talented players alike.”

It is an exciting time to work with gaming indeed and we encourage anyone interested in a future in gaming, whether it be development, competitive or economic, to check our Greenaa Game College on their website or at our event for more information about a more exciting future!