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Copenhagen Games is moving to Bella Center

Sui // 3 years ago

With new and big challenges come new and big solutions! Copenhagen Games have had amazing moments and events in Øksnehallen where we have belonged since our very first event in 2010. However, continuous growth and an ever-evolving eSport scene pose new challenges and demand new solutions which is why we’re proud to announce that we’re moving to Bella Center Copenhagen in 2018!

With Bella Center as our base, we expect to fit no less than 1500 gamers and more than 10.000 visitors over the course of the event. We will expand and improve our main stage, our expo areas and evolve all aspects of the event to make this the biggest and best we ever did. We expect to feature tournaments in a variety of games like CS:GO (including a Ladies tournament), Hearthstone, FIFA, Overwatch and League of Legends and we will have the space to do it right.

If this doesn't excite you, we invite you to watch this video from our 2017 event for just a short taste of what you can expect in 2018!

Ticket sales will open shortly and more exciting news will follow, so we encourage everyone to keep an eye on our webpage and social media profiles for future updates - also keep an eye on and share your thoughts with #CPHGames and do remember to get your ticket in due time.

Come Easter, we sincerely hope you will join us and help make this the best and biggest eSport event in Copenhagen!

Copenhagen Games Sponsors

Computer games have moved from niche to mainstream, it has grown at an inspiring rate over the last decade. In 2014 alone, Danes spent more than 1,5 billion on computer games and this affects the development of eSports as well. Audiences grow, online as well as offline, prize pools grow and more participants want to partake. Our move to Bella Center is a natural response to an escalating market, says Zahid Butt, owner and Event Manager at Copenhagen Games.

“This is an old dream come true. A lot has happened since the first Copenhagen Games in 2010 and the event has grown, it is continuing to grow, since then. Øksnehallen has been a really nice location but for the last three years we’ve used up every inch of space in that place. That is why we’ve been searching far and wide for a venue not only with more physical space, but also in a suitable location and with sufficient surrounding infrastructure; a venue that can contain more guests, more exhibitors and not least more of the special side activities that make Copenhagen Games something unique on the market.”

At Bella Center, Exhibition Development Director Malina Lebrecth Hye is looking forward to working with one of the major players in the world of eSports.

“Esport is a great example of the new type of events and business areas that our branch needs to incorporate in the years to come. That’s why we’ve decided to offer Copenhagen Games a very attractive deal on leasing Bella Center Copenhagen’s facilities for Easter 2018. We see this as a great investment and an obvious chance to be at the forefront of what customers of the future want and for us to show that Bella Center can be used for many other things than housing conventional exhibitions, fairs and congresses.”

Together with our new main sponsor, Waoo, we’re very much looking forward to the new opportunities we have available to us in 2018 and all the things we can do to make this the best Copenhagen Games ever. CEO Jørgen Stensgaard of Waoo puts it like this:

“Esport is evolving rapidly these years and Danish eSport athletes are a part of the absolute world elite. We want to support this development and be a part of creating new growth opportunities for emerging talents. At the same time, gaming is among Danes’ favourite pastimes so our engagement in eSport aligns naturally with our fibre optic broadband product which constitutes the cornerstone of the gaming experience: stability, speed and low latency.”

With this move, Bella Center and Waoo join forces with other major local entities like Copenhagen Municipality and Wonderful Copenhagen to support the development of eSport in Copenhagen and Denmark. Mayor of Culture in Copenhagen, Carl Christian Ebbesen, is very pleased with the development as well.

“Esport has gradually won greater cultural recognition and is increasingly recognised alongside traditional sports. At the same time, the eSport scene is rapidly changing these years and international events are growing fast, in Denmark as well where the firebrands behind Copenhagen Games offer both experience and an unusual, inclusive and spacious profile.”

Copenhagen Games are fortunate to have such a dedicated and diverse group of backers and sponsors as we do. We look forward to working with them and explore new opportunities at Bella Center 2018!