Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games is also a LAN

Sui // 3 years ago

Copenhagen Games has always been all about eSports - and it still is - but not all participants are eSport athletes. 

The last couple of years we've reserved space for casual gaming enthusiasts who wish to be part of the event but not tournaments. There are many reasons to go to a LAN like Copenhagen Games, for the social aspect, for meeting new friends or just to be a part of a top level eSport event.   

Copenhagen Games has had more than a full house the last many years, in fact we've had to decline visitors because we simply couldn't fit them in. Of course, we have to prioritise competing players but with more space at our disposal this year, we'll be able to accommodate more casual visitors and enthusiasts. 

Normally we have around 100 spots for participants that are NOT competing in a tournament but this year we'll have around 150 seats.

As a LAN party participant, you can't play in any official tournaments but there are loads of competitions, activities and experiences that everyone can be a part of. There is also the opportunity to try new products, see all the many matches on all our big stages, meet & greet with top players from all over the world and maybe even make a good purchase at one of the many sales sponsor stalls.

So don't be shy but come to Copenhagen Games 2018 and be part of something truly special!

Tickets for lanparty without any tournaments
Lanticket - no tournament: 475 DKK / 64 € (BYOC)
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