Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games 2018

Sui // 2 years ago

We are thrilled to announce the dates for Copenhagen Games 2018 and to supply a measure of initial information at the same time.

Dates and schedule for Copenhagen Games 2018

  • Monday, March 26: Preparing venue.
  • Tuesday, March 27: Preparing venue.
  • Wednesday, March 28: Event start - doors open at 14.00.
  • Thursday, March 29: Event ongoing.
  • Friday, March 30: Event ongoing.
  • Saturday, March 31: Event ongoing.
  • Sunday, April 1: Venue packing and closing.
About Copenhagen Games
SLAP, the organisation behind Copenhagen Games, have had SLAP LIVE LAN events three times every year since the year 2000. In 2010, we took SLAP LIVE EASTER and rebuilt it, rebranded it and renamed it Copenhagen Games. The idea was to give Denmark an international, top tier eSport event in the heart of the Danish capital and we succeeded in doing just that.

The first Copenhagen Games, in 2010, was held in Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, where we have stayed ever since. It's been seven good years, we have truly enjoyed every event and working with the talented and dedicated crew at Øksnehallen is always an absolute pleasure. The participants, exhibitors, partners, pretty much everyone loves this venue and so do we.

However, the last couple of events have made it clear that certain things need to change if Copenhagen Games is to continue its growth and reclaim its role as a global top tier event. Copenhagen Games has quite simply outgrown Øksnehallen in regards to size and today we require more physical space than this otherwise terrific building can supply. Even though Øksnehallen is around 5.000 m2, we have had to say no to many teams and exhibitors in the past and we haven't had enough space to deliver all the activities and features we would have liked.

In short, we want to make Copenhagen Games bigger than ever and we want it to happen in 2018!

That’s why at this time, we’re looking into different solutions that will allow us to expand our event in the way we want and we expect to have a solution in place before the end of September.

We, the team behind Copenhagen Games, are always looking to develop and expand our event and so we must look to obtain more physical space for players and activities alike while we strengthen our profile to attract more sponsors, partners and investors to Copenhagen Games.

Stay tuned on our homepage for more info in the weeks to come!