Copenhagen Games

Copenhagen Games - DAY 2 - Diary of a Noob

Sui // 1 year ago

Okay, I have a confession to make: I have never been to an esport event before. Not even a LAN. So, this year at Copenhagen Games is my maiden voyage out into the world of gaming. I set off proudly by choosing the wrong entrance a couple of hours ago but that didn’t knock my boat off course and now I'm comfortably cruising the seas of Bella Center Copenhagen – I conquered them if you will.

My first impression was of the diversity in the crowd. A prejudiced pirate like myself could have imagined a stream of prepubescent boys but all sorts of people where strolling around, speaking all sorts of languages. I walked past a group of fully dressed cosplayers, adults with and without children, beautiful women dragging heavy hardware, groups of boys chatting loudly, caterers dragging tripods, teams wearing matching shirts and even a few other lonesome captains like myself.

Lots of impressions followed. I circled around inside the venue and found an ocean of computer screens amidst floating canopies of energy drinks. Long rows of computers stretching away like tree lines, girls and boys playing and joking among themselves. Talented girls practicing in the ladies' area, the occasional stolen glances from boys walking past.

It doesn’t take long to notice the two main stages either, situated diagonally across each other as they are. A great big cheer broke through the air and lured my attention to the semi final. Webhelp Denmark had just fragged their way to even the score against Dust2 DPL Admins much to the delight of the first couple of rows of supporters. On the other stage, the excited voices of casters burst out. The Copenhagen Flames Scouting Grounds was on full blast, talented hopefuls were battling fiercely in League of Legends. It is difficult to find my place in all of this but luckily it doesn’t take long to move between the two stages and I remain unpunished for my indecisiveness.

But there's much more than stage matches to see. On this gaming maiden voyage of mine I’m sailing through an archipelago of stands with a multitude of different entertainment options and competitions. It almost seems like I might win something just by walking by. You can sumo wrestle, get strapped into a rotating contraption with VR-glasses on, get your team photo taken, buy new gear for your rig, watch streams live, play arcades, you name it and it's here.

I ended my cruise through Copenhagen Games by going out for some air. I could see the lights of the metro rolling by above me. Taxis and cars where coming and leaving, gaming enthusiasts steadily streaming into Bella Center. A great reminder that tomorrow there will be even more to keep track of for a noob like me.

Photo: Mik Dyrby